Hi Everyone, you’ll have to excuse my lack of professionalism, I’m not a “blogger” so the whole jargon, etiquette and general blogging rules and niceties are not my forte. I’m guessing its really just a matter of speaking (writing) whats on my mind.

I decided on a blog, dangerous as it seemed, to try and circumvent questioners I generally get through the website email address. People always ask us things like “which churches are good?”, or “where can I go to fellowship”. I get asked these questions in ministry all the time; I usually cringe, because frankly, there really aren’t too many “unaffected” churches around anymore.

What do I mean by “unaffected”? What I mean is; churches who are not under the influence of the Satanic agenda. Already this is very upsetting for many as now we tend to love our pastors and ministers much more than the truth (Yeshua). We are certainly in the times where as stated in 2 Timothy;

2 Timothy 4:3-4 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

It seems we are well and truly there. People do much prefer fables. They prefer to hear that they are all good, rather than the truth. We live in a world where the church is not in the world, but the world is in the church. A saying of Derek Prince springs to mind; “A ship in the ocean is good, the ocean in the ship is not. As the church in the world is good, but the world in the church is not.” Sadly we are a ministry who “check”. We of course are constantly accused of “judging”. I don’t know if many are aware, but we are actually called to check! We are not supposed to be mindless drones, sucking up the pathetic “teaching” like babies on a bottle, never questioning the garbage spewed out from the pulpit.

In a ministry such as ours (and we’re aware we are not the only ones), we have the unique displeasure of investigating Satanic Ritual Abuse; I cannot tell you how grieving it is to find that most cults and coven activities lead us to local churches! I don’t actually like that, I cannot stand that the body of Christ is under brutal attack, and the attack is very commonly coming from the pastors and ministers themselves. It is commonly thrown at me “How dare you, its Gods church!” I’m gonna be honest; how naive! I’m not writing this to get off side with you, your church, your minister, I’m writing this, believe it or not, because I love the bride, I love God’s people. It is a part of our ministries work to check, to investigate.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 “The fact is that such men are pseudo-emissaries; they tell lies about their work and masquerade as emissaries of the Messiah. There is nothing surprising in that, for the Adversary himself masquerades as an angel of light; so its no great thing if his workers masquerade as servants of righteousness. They will meet the end their deeds deserve.”

There are a couple of things here I think are greatly overlooked. Firstly Satan (the Adversary) can masquerade as an angel of light, yet some churches believe they are dancing around and “waking up” God’s angels… (Right…) and secondly, the Ministers and pastors are masquerading as servants of righteousness, yet they are  workers of Satans. We get pounded for saying so, yet here it is written. Why, if it is written is it so difficult to believe that its true? Here’s why; they prefer the lie. People want their itching ears tickled, they want the fables. They cry out for truth, truth comes and they become extremely offended, because the truth isn’t what they really wanted, they really like the lie. Ah! What can I say? I prefer the truth, much prefer the truth, even though as the saying goes “the truth hurts”.

We investigate, find a serious problem; such as actually following pastors to midnight ritual, and the people get angry at us. Lol. You want the truth, or do you want to hold fast to your lies? Because here’s a simple easy instruction; if you don’t really wanna know, don’t ask! However, if you want truth and freedom, then be ready to hear hard truths and expect that will require CHANGE. There’s the part that really stings, you cannot move into truth without going through a refining, a painful change. Like it or not, it’s scriptural.

Have I gone off topic? Sorry, I’ve a tendency to start preaching, and you didn’t ask for that… So which churches are “good”? I can only tell you what we’ve seen and heard in churches we’ve been into. I’ve heard loads of stuff from other churches, but will not comment on what I haven’t seen myself. I’ll only say what I’ve personally looked at; and I’m not a person who panders to compromise and political correctness, so prepare yourself, stand by to be offended, and know that there is absolutely nothing I would write here that I won’t or haven’t said to the people directly. I’m not hiding behind a screen, testing things from afar, I go into these places, I confront directly the issues (and usually get thrown out, sometimes for “life”). Other comments I make, I make because I’ve actually checked it personally and you can too, oh, how I wish you would! You see I’m a stickler for things being scriptural, not loosely based or my “interpretation”, I don’t have an interpretation, or opinion, the word is clear and certainly doesn’t ask nor require my take on it, the word interprets the word, the word is true. So how can I add my interpretation? How can anyone?

Am I “legalistic”? Most will say yes. I am, actually, i believe in and uphold the law. I follow the road rules, and like the instructions in the word, I make mistakes from time to time, as much as possible and to my knowledge and understanding I follow the laws, on the road and in the word. Stands to reason in my mind that Yahweh would give man instructions on how to live safely, to keep us from legal problems, as much as the road rules keep us from harm. It makes sense to me.. sadly, that gets me the title of “legalistic”, oh well, in my bible the Lord says “If you love me you will follow my commandments” and I love him, so I’m happy to say that I must therefore be “legalistic”. I’m not asking you to be, as we know, love is a choice. I’ve chosen to love him the way he’s asked rather than loving him by my own standards and needs. Now, if you like you can close the page and move on and go tell everyone I’m legalistic and i admit it. I’m all good with that. After all you’re under grace, and can do whatever you like 🙂 I’m a follower of Yeshua, I love him and follow his commandments, so have moved from believer to disciple. And I warn you, Grace isn’t where you should stay.

I heard it said yesterday in the c3 church in Hepburn that there was no grace in the Old Testament. I love these type of comments from “60 year christians” seriously 60 years in the faith and you still don’t realise Yeshua is the word? Lol. I was actually shocked to hear that “Jesus brought us grace, there was no grace in the Old Testament” I questioned that not once but twice; “Really? There was no grace in the Old Testament?”, “That’s right, there was no grace. “, “Are you sure? God didn’t have grace in the Old Testament?” “Yes that’s right, there was no such thing in the Old Testament, Jesus brought grace in the New Testament”. Imagine that! A completely different Jesus! It is written that the word became flesh, and that Yeshua was in the beginning… yet he wasn’t himself back then I guess, and clearly the ones like Abraham, and Moses, and Noah and all them insignificant guys who were pointedly said “Found grace in the eyes of the Lord” Do you want me to list the scriptures? There are around 40 statements like that in the Old Testament. Seriously, just do a search in the Strongs. No grace in the Old Testament… and this particular woman is a 60 year Christian, one of the main people leading in that church. That was just one topic we touched on yesterday, it struck me as shocking, to say the least.

So that was a C3 church, one of Phil Pringles cash cows. I read up on the conference Pringle has coming in March 2018 (or April) I can’t remember as the Covens and cults world wide are meeting for their annual “conference here in Perth this year in March, and of course the ACC churches also have one of their biennial conferences in March as well… coincidence? Maybe. Anywho, I was reading what treasures Pringle has to offer his churches this coming conference and came across his teaching to his pastors on giving a sermon.. and then sadly sat through one a couple of hours later in Hepburn. According to Phil Pringle, the emphasis in the sermon should be on a life experience, try and hang it on a scripture and don’t go overboard. You want to have the people remember the life experience, hammer that home, because that’s what the congregation relate to, your life experiences. Add a scripture if you can find one that somehow can be twisted to fit in. So they feel like its church (that’s my sarcastic add in, its not written word for word as such, but pretty close!) and then call the people to respond, they need to activate somehow, either by coming down for prayer, putting hands up to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour (A personal gripe of mine, Ill tell you why in a Minute), or a push to give. There has to be an “activation” a response requiring engaging in some way, because this way the people will feel involved, like they are doing something. This whole process can be done in 18 minutes, but can take longer, Don’t go too far because the people lose interest.

Now, I don’t know about you, but shouldn’t church be about the Lord? Is this where we’ve got to? Yes, sadly it is, and I reflect on all the sermons I’ve heard over the past years and think about what I’ve learned.. Reg Morias has Hawaiian shirts he likes to bury in his back yard because he has mental issues, and he hung a scripture in that somewhere, but I can’t remember what it was, what I remember is that Reg likes Hawaiian shirts, but doesn’t like them new. And that he also had an incident in Perth once where he needed to go into the local toilets and self talk a switch in himself to be able to deal with a cop on the street… again I can’t remember the actual scripture he hung in there but there was one…

In Kingdom City I heard that a pastor doesn’t particularly like mowing his lawns, he did a sermon on it… I cant remember the scripture nor the point, but I remember he took a long time to mow, and at some point saw a monarch butterfly which then was displayed on screen for quite a while (a typical mind control reminder to all monarch slaves out there of who they really are). Then there was a sermon by the head pastor Mark Lassey about his dislike for his “idiot” son, and how he has to go shopping with his wife, which he hates (the wife? Well, he clearly doesn’t like her much, but I think it was the shopping he actually hated) again I’m not sure which scripture he hung on it, but i know how he feels about shopping, it was the lingerie department he particularly hated, because its embarrassing. Not embarrassing enough not to make a public mockery of his wife though sadly. Then there was another teaching on mud, a pastor stepping in mud or some such thing. I completely dissociated from that one… Then we had the joy of Mark Varughese teaching, oh my. He did a Father’s Day preaching and made a solid point of him being God. Something about how he is a father, the father of his children (obviously, nevertheless a big point in the sermon) the founding father of the Kingdom City churches, and a God head figure, he just failed to mention the figure part. Very strong statements were made about him being Father and the loyalty we should all have to the Father (you take from that what you want). Sadly they have a constant barrage of messages coming over the three extremely large screens, constantly giving the message “deeper” which I guess if you’re a regular at the church it may have some random significance, however me being who I am have researched and worked with mind control victims for the better part of 10 years and happen to be aware that “deeper” is a command to all slaves to go deeper into trance. Which certainly fits with the music (Hillsong) and the other images that roll throughout of a ocean wave going back and forth, its more than a tad hypnotic. I could say that its all coincidence that the image shows commands and hypnotic mind control stuff, the music is tantric, constantly repeating the same line again and again, one song actually lasted 14 mins! Just the same line sung over and over as they swayed back and forth, then they have the smoke machines pouring out smoke laced with essences, to “calm” and across the screen the message “Feels like home” is continually flashed up alternating with “deeper” and that marvellous hypnotic wave… all very conducive with trance. Oh! I nearly forgot the constant reminder to tithe, give, love offer, missions offering, whatever we can think up offering… offering offering…. and tithes, and offering. Ok, you get the point.

Kingdom City is a Satanic mosh pit. It is their mandate apparently to have the place painted entirely black, and push party with the contemporary Jesus. Party is the name party is the game. I did a long 6 weeks, I was thrown out.. but the team hung in there for a further 5 weeks, my husband managed to get through a course there, but was talked about and ran down to all behind his back by the “pastors” and endless supply of leaders. We’re still laughing about it, because weeks later we have a man come into our ministry, he’s from Kingdom City and referred to my husband as the homeless guy who runs a home group? This makes no sense I know, but this is how Kingdom City are unfortunately. We found them to be cruel, rude and not afraid of lying their faces off for any reason… I can go into that in detail, we even have recordings 🙂 What amazes me is this “Mandate” thing. Kingdom City claim that their mandate is to have a contemporary Jesus, one the youth can party with, if they look like and sound like a nightclub the youth will come. All the youth we spoke to who were not mind controlled indoctrinated puppets actually stated they did not like the church. The elderly we spoke to said they did not actually like the church, others openly mocked the leadership and spoke of them in very derogative ways… so why are they there? The answer sadly was this “ there’s no where else” , “its close to home” and the worst yet that kept coming “it feels like home”. I asked one of these if at home they had no electricity, smoke machines and the place painted black… or was it the cruel snarl remarks from pastors that they were used to out of abusive homes? To this they usually laugh and say “yeah”. So this is the body of Christ? This is the mandate… I have seen way too many blacked out smoke filled trance inducing churches, apparently they all have the same mandate. Kingdom City is a ACC church, reading the constitution of the ACC they all need to follow suit. So I thought seeing that C3 churches would be the way to go church wise… and guess what? Their mandate is to have a seeker friendly contemporary church, where the youth can feel like they are in a nightclub, and have “Fun”. Not parties, although it was certainly mentioned more than once, but “fun” is all the rage in C3. I asked what about the believers wanting more than “accepting Christ” in every week, and was told “this church probably isn’t for you. We’re all about fun. Ok. So I conclude, after reading up on ACC and C3 doctrines, constitutions etc and attending these churches, (ACC and C3 churches, plural) that this isn’t the places to go if you want the truth, however if you want straight up fun, C3 is the place to go, if you want to party with a new contemporary Jesus then any ACC church is for you. If you want the truth, start or attend a home church, where they have nothing to do with the contemporary, or as I call them the secular church, worldly social clubs that may or may not be Christian friendly.

Oh! About “accepting Jesus” and my gripe. Shouldn’t we be begging him? Shouldn’t it be that we come to him on bended knee, and beg his forgiveness and for him to please accept us filthy sinners? He suffered for us, yet here’s the churches saying “Will you accept Jesus”? What? No wonder Christians cannot stand, they cannot move, they are just putting on big false smiles, plastic fantastic’s! I’ve also heard the term “Happy clappy” being used as a description of the “contemporary Christian” the secular Christian. In certain places I’ve infiltrated a coven was pointedly calling Kingdom City members “Christian witches” and as much as I hate it, its true. Our churches are seeped in witchcraft and practising the same rituals as the covens. From where I stand; and as much as possible I stand completely aside from all of it, they all look and practise the exact same stuff, from fire tunnels, to portal opening, and astral projection (Reg Morias and others call this “spirit travel) its all identical! I so long for the bride to actually get clean. I wanna see My Yeshua, yet we wait for a clean pure bride to emerge… and Satan is making sure the bride is filthy.

Ill end this (in Kingdom City speak) “park that right there”. And another day I will be “reporting” or blogging on people, churches, circumstances, whatever. Ill just keep my free time in blogging for my own venting. I hope you’ll join me, but hey, I feel better for it regardless. I’ll keep informing ya’ll, you do what you like with it. Like Derek Prince always said of himself, they love me or they hate me, very few in between. 🙂 I investigate Satanic practises, if I don’t say anything about what is seen, whats the point of investigating? If you think its wrong, Check Ezekiel… and also Paul’s full ministry to the gentiles, then we’ll talk.

Coming soon will be a detailed blow by blow account of the ministry I received in Kingdom City by the “Pastors” David and Marina Rolt, and Phil Ayres. You’re gonna love it, it was hilarious!

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