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Have you ever heard about alters, splitting of personality, Dissociate Identity Disorder (or the good old Multiple Personality Disorder)? That’s all part of the End Time Mind Control, and more! We have been trained on how to recognise it, and defeat it. Just check our new tab “End Time Mind Control” either at the end of this page or under “About Us”. You’ll see it’s quite interesting and brings the person into a wholeness; spirit, soul and body ;)

To clarify few things, we are a ministry based in Perth, Western Australia. At this point in time we haven’t been given a mandate by the Lord to go over east nor overseas. So if you are from over east we can help with accommodation but you will have to come to Perth.
For those based in the US, contact “Fishermen Ministries” in the right hand column. They offer like services and would be closer to minister to you than we are.

Due to media attention there are few things which apparently need clarification (the best would be to read our “Exorcism & Deliverance” page thoroughly!):
– We do deliverances. We added “exorcism” because it was the best way to start explaining what deliverance is (when asked the question “what is deliverance?”, the answer often started with “well it’s like exorcism but…”). Now reading our page on “Exorcism & Deliverance” should help you understand how we do it. No strapping, etc…
Not like in the movies (sorry). We just command the demons to leave in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (i.e. “Get out in Jesus’ name, check Mark 1:25-26 for reference). Nothing horrendous about it, just a simple command. It can take time and we’ll have to repeat ourselves but that’s about it. Even if the encounter with a demon turns violent (from the demon, not us), we will command the demon out the same way.
– About Set Right doing deliverance on young ones, as stated in the “Exorcism & Deliverance” page the process is different than for adults. We will talk with them (those children in the age of understanding), with the parents present and command the demons out only if they manifest. The command is way softer for the demons don’t have strongly established legal rights (hereditary ones which can easily be broken in Jesus’ name) and that makes it easier (check Matthew 17:15-18).
– Set Right is not a Church nor belong to any (as stated in the “Beliefs & Teachings” tab).
– Set Right do not charge for consultations, nor deliverances, nor anything…(Apart from the fiction novel book we sell online).  We accept donations, yes, but certainly don’t force anyone (Matthew 10:8).

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