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We encourage all who are looking to engage this ministry for any reason to thoroughly go through our web site and also check all outside sources you can about us, good and bad, either way we do not in any way try to hide who we are or what we are about. This way you are fully informed and can make your own decision on whether or not you wish to proceed, you can have all your friends and family check us and then decide if you desire to go forward in ministry with us.
We are NOT looking to recruit members, nor are we charging any money for any ministry, if you choose to donate to the ministry it is much appreciated but it is NOT asked, or in any way insisted on or enforced, we do not ask for tithes or any type of mandatory payments. In short, we are not after your money nor your loyalty to our ministry.

We are not a “church” , we are not claiming to be anything other than a few people who love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to do His will, we have no special titles nor powers, we are just people who have seen the works the Lord can do in the lives of His people. We have seen the horrors that this world can do in peoples lives and the great works the Lord’s healing and deliverance does in the lives. We have been involved in years of ministry, working as ministers for the people and believe the Lord still has mighty works to do. We’re happy to do His work in ministry.

We are non-denominational, Spirit-filled Christians. We believe in the Word of God (The Bible) for those of you who are Christians, we teach from the Complete Jewish Version, and the KJV, both fairly accurate versions of the Bible, we research and study the Word thoroughly in the Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew, we do not interpret the Word of God, the Word of God interprets itself. If there are contradictions in the Word of God you can be sure it is through man’s lack of proper research and not an error on God’s behalf, it is man’s lack of understanding and knowledge. In this ministry we do not try to interpret what we don’t fully understand, we research and study to find the TRUTH. We do not try to bend the truth to fit our understanding, we have no problems being wrong and corrected in Biblical matters, but do not try to convert us to your version of truth nor come to argue issues in the Word that you personally do not like or your pastor teaches differently according to his interpretation (Or that of the more popular mega church stance on the topic.) We don’t mind legitimate questions or debates to gain understanding “Man sharpens the character of his friend” ( CJV Proverbs 27:17) but do not want to engage in arguments for argument’ sake.

We do not engage in any practices outside of the word of God. We do not get involved nor condone any practices that we cannot find a scriptural basis for such as: sucking up anointing from graves, laid down lovers of Christ, fire tunnels, soaking, prophetic dance, prophetic painting, “holy” laughter, impartations through blowing and tapping on the forehead, reading auras, being drunk in the spirit (or “High on the Holy Ghost”), Soul travelling, Chanting, Sozo, Shabar, worshiping Angels and other practices currently popular in the secular churches. We have discovered that these and more give strong grounds to demons in good Christians lives and encourage all to search scriptures thoroughly to see what the Lord says about these things and not just take a simplified, edited and “interpreted” scripture that justifies these things.
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