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Deliverance is probably one of the most controversial and most needed ministries within and without the church. There are so many weird and fanciful myths surrounding deliverance, and in fact, demons. The word is clear on these matters. Bare with us as we debunk myths, bring truths and answer some frequently asked questions surrounding deliverance and demons.
We are also going to cover here what deliverance entails, what happens and how we do it at Set Right, we will also talk about how to recognise if you have a demon yourself and then the steps to take to get rid of said demon. I want to point out here that deliverance is not all  Set Right is about, we have seen many great acts of God; one raised from the dead, healings, fulfilled prophecies and so forth, but for now, we are going to cover completely the deliverance side of our work.

What is a demon?

This is a commonly asked question. Many have seen the horrors on movies and even in some news articles of true events (supposedly, and I’m not here to argue that) of demons behaving badly, especially in the latest horror movies where the Catholic priest usually teams up with some local Psychic and all get themselves killed by the poor possessed victim. These possessed folk contort themselves in the corner of the ceiling and snarl like wild beasts, speak backwards and turn their heads a full circle. The demons are big, bad and extremely ugly. I know in “The Rite” the culprit was “Baal” or “Belial”. But is this the truth of demons? And what are they anyway?
The Bible speaks about devils, demons, and various other spirits, so lets explore that a little as its obvious the movies on possession are getting their info from there. The Bible is truth, but lets be honest, the movies aren’t portraying a great deal of truth, even if they say its “Based on a true story”. I often wonder if the only “true” part is perhaps something as simple as a persons name in the story, or that there is a town in that area by that name…. Sorry, that’s just my own wondering.
Ephesians 6:12 would have to be one of the most quoted scriptures of deliverance ministries, you likely have heard it before, but for those who come on our site searching for proof and answers I offer it again:

“For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.

These are ranks, like a hierarchy of governing spiritual beings. Fallen angels, evil spirits, familiar spirits, baals, ashteroths, gods, goddesses etc, etc  are all demons.
The word Demon comes from “Daimonion” this is a Greek word for “devil” in the Greek it means a deity, devil or god. In the English dictionary if you look up demon it says; An evil spirit, devil or fiend, or even a person considered extremely wicked, evil or cruel. On the other hand if you look up daemon, it says; A god, a subordinate deity, or a persons attendant spirit.

No wonder there is much confusion about demons. According to the ancient Greek, and commonly known today, demons can be good or bad. The movie “The Golden compass” certainly depicted daemons as good, helpful and necessary. Many believe their ancestor spirits to be good, helpful and necessary, also their spirit guides, ascended masters and totems to be good, helpful and necessary.  Many Christians have a view that daemons are evil, that the people conversing and communicating with these beings are also deceived and in some cases they believe them to be also evil. Our views on all of this have changed considerably since we began in ministry years ago.

A demon is a spirit. It is like saying you are  a  human being. It’s a very broad statement. I am a human being, I am a female, Aussie, and I have a job. That now starts to become less broad. When I give my name and my job and fill in more details then you start to understand more about my status, where I’m coming from and who I am.  If I was a Queen, president or Prime Minister then I would be a higher ranking human, but still a human.

Demons have many different categories, we could go into all the different types, ranks and species, but for now lets just focus on what the truth is: the truth is we (humans) are not made to be subject to spirits, demons or whatever you call them, we are supposed to be free. We were made to take dominion over the earth not to be at the beck and call, nor driven and compelled by demons. We’ve been given authority over them not vice versa. Those who are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have been given authority in the spirit realm, He is the highest you can go, if you want to be in touch with God the Father, you must go through Jesus Christ. It’s not just the ‘belief’ of the Christians, it is a fact in the spiritual realm. To get to the Father you must go through the Son. There may be entities calling themselves gods and goddesses, but there is only one creator God. To understand this completely you need to understand the way the spirit realm works, the order of things. The universe is not the top, Heaven is. God made all of it. If you are praying into the universe, either to gods, goddesses or the universe itself you simply haven’t gone high enough. The universe is full of beings wanting to masquerade as God, calling themselves god and giving all kinds of revelations, dreams, visions, and promptings to humans as if they are God. It’s a mess out there! Basically, anything you “put out there’ or imagine to be in the universe level can be given or presented to you, and why not? If Satan himself can appear as an angel of light? Why can’t all other spirits appear as Christ white light, a unicorn or even a lovely fairy?

You will never agree to a spirit coming to kill you, so of course there has to be some bait. Offering you god like abilities to suit the ego, or pulling on the heartstrings, giving you wonderful sensations of warmth and love. Spirits will stop at nothing to gain your trust and worship. This leads us to how demons get in to a person….

How do demons get in?

Ok, we are speaking broadly, not all demons will bother to go into a person. Fallen Angels have their own body and have no need to enter ours, these are higher ranking and tend to govern more in the universe level as gods or goddesses. They do however issue assignments or contracts on individuals that they may be ‘ruling over’.

There is a great Biblical teacher named Derek Prince who states that these spirits govern over individuals, families, suburbs, cities and countries, these are not necessarily going to come into your being, they don’t need to, but they can. We have had occasion to cast out Fallen Angels. It is far more common however to cast out evil spirits. These spirits which are more commonly known as ‘demons’ such as the legion in the bible account where there were between 1000-6000 demons grouped together in a man calling itself a legion. These demons can be hereditary, it’s as simple as that. If your mother or grandmother ’sinned’ then a demon has what is known as a legal right in that person, it stays in the bloodline up till the third or forth generation.

One of the biggest problems all deliverance ministries face today is the fact that demons are hereditary and enter through sin, which it seems hardly anyone anymore understands what ‘sin’ is. They can understand the concept as far as “thou shalt not murder” goes, but for the most part very few people know what sins are and therefore have no defense from demons.

Another way for demons to enter is through personal ‘sins’. Again, the problem remains that few understand what sins are. Is it a sin to love your husband? No, of course not! Is it a sin to love your husband more than you love God? Yes, according to the Bible it certainly is. It actually breaks the first and second commandments! So if “Thou shalt not murder” is against the 10 commandments and therefore a “sin’” so is loving others OVER God. So how easy is it to fall into sin and give a demon a legal right on you? Demons get in any number of ways through sin. The question should not be “How do demons get in?” but instead: “What is sin?”

Can a Christian have demons?

I cannot tell you how often we have met Christians who state that they cannot have a demon because they are Christians! Ha! My response, somewhat sarcastic, is “Therefore ascend!”

If a Christian cannot have a demon, nor can a Christian get sick. Jesus came to deliver and heal. It is true that this is the “work of the cross” and it is already done, we have the victory. Jesus finished HIS work so we may have victory over sickness and the enemy. Of course if you never enter the fight you will never get the victory! He has the Victory, we go to him and get the work done, knowing we cannot lose, the Victory is assured. If you sit back and believe you needn’t enter the battle then you will never get the freedom, you will never lay hold of the Victory that is offered to you.

This is an area of debate among the Christian folks, stop being so egotistical thinking you are perfect and work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Take up your armour and wrestle please. If you sincerely believe you are perfect already then ascend and prove it!

Some people state that only unbelievers have demons, because they don’t have faith in Jesus. MMHMM, these same people want evidence that Christians have demons…. READ THE BIBLE:
Mary Magdalene had 7 strongmen cast out, whilst she was a disciple of Jesus. To be a follower of Jesus Christ means you are a Christian, or a disciple of Jesus Christ (Yeshua). All of the accounts of deliverance in the Bible were done to Christians! Followers or “Believers”. Firstly there was a man delivered in the synagoge , this is not a common hangout for unbelievers! This is where God’s people at the time congregated. A congregation of God’s people… sounds like the same definition as a CHURCH! I don’t know many unbelievers who go to church. Jesus cast demons out from all of those who came to him with evil spirits. They went to him because they BELIEVED in Jesus and that he was the Son of God and had come to set the captives free as prophesied by Isaiah. These people were believers, Christians. And all the demons didn’t necessarily fly away because it’s clear Jesus cast out 7 strongmen from Mary Magdalene, this didn’t happen in one sitting. It happened as she followed over time…. Also Jesus cast out a spirit of unbelief from all the disciples AFTER he was resurrected because they couldn’t believe, these men were Christians! Also Peter had Satan enter him, Jesus said “Get thee behind me Satan” rebuking Satan in Peter, who by the way was a Christian. Paul warned time and time again that the enemy, the Devil was waiting to devour, to come and to torment and destroy. Who’s the enemy and doesn’t an enemy usually attack its enemies not its co-workers? As it is written if Satan casts out Satan the house is divided and will not stand. So who does Satan send his demons on? Only unbelievers? What’s the point in that? And why should we take up armour if we’re not at war? There are more questions to be raised if Christians can’t have demons. Paul also had an emissary of Satan buffeting him as a  thorn in his flesh continuously. Are some of you above that? Christians you need to wake up, you are being deceived!

Is Deliverance the same as exorcism?

No. Exorcism is actually witchcraft. There is one example of exorcism in the Bible done by the Sceva family, who were exorcists. The example goes like this;

Acts 19:13-17   Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth.
And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so.   And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?
And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.
And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus; and fear fell on them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.

These guys got beat up because they were exorcists. I’m not commenting on individuals that state they are exorcists, simply that exorcism is not the Biblical pattern of casting out demons. The word Exorcist means:
From G1844; one that binds by an oath (or spell), that is, (by implication) an “exorcist” (conjurer): – exorcist.

Anyone who has ever looked into exorcism will know that the exorcist conjures all sorts of spirits into the exorcism: Mary, Paul, Peter, etc, and any number of angels they can think of. The exorcism rites are 19 pages long, and this is all to adjure the demon. And bind it by oath. Conjuring and spell casting is witchcraft. This is not our personal interpretation of the word it is the Greek translation. The exorsists in the book of Acts, the Sceva’s, were beaten and stripped, the demon threw them out of the house. Sounds like one of those horror movies doesn’t it? That’s because the only account ever in the Bible of an exorcism was a disaster! That was to show it is not the way to go about casting out demons. Jesus showed the correct pattern, we are to follow that. He didn’t ram crosses in people’s faces nor throw Holy water on them, He commanded the demon with authority to leave, they in turn recognized His authority and obeyed. You need the correct authority and knowledge. Demons are very dodgy characters for the most part and will lure you into all sorts of strange things to throw you off the right way shown to do deliverance. Don’t follow man’s ideas, or doctrines of demons. Do it the way Jesus showed his disciples, it’s simple. For those who believe “In my name they shall cast out demons.” No mention of crosses, holy water, calling in saints or angels, just take authority in Jesus’ name and cast them out.

How do I know if I have a demon?

Because of the Hollywood rubbish people have the idea that if they have a demon they will start doing weird things like slithering up walls backwards and contorting on the ceiling corners. This is not true, I’m not going to say it doesn’t happen but I wouldn’t  advise anyone to wait for these events to take place before seeking help.

Demons can manifest in a person in many different ways. Now, this is where it gets very difficult for a deliverance minister, because if I say depression can be the manifestation of a demon, the medical profession get all worked up and put us all through the media… Depression CAN be a manifestation of a demon, it isn’t ALWAYS a manifestation of a demon. People can get depressed, sad or angry and there is no demon, it’s psychological. The medical profession medicate these things as a matter of course, we’d perhaps go the other way, we would be inclined to check to see if there is a spiritual root before taking medications for it, if the problem persists then see your doctor. 🙂

In the Bible there are examples of what demons can be, a list of spirits that were cast out:

  • Unbelief
  • Sorrow
  • Destruction
  • Calamity
  • Lying
  • Jealousy
  • Anger
  • Epilepsy
  • Hatred
  • Lilith (screech owl)
  • Jezebel
  • Baal (We’ve found over 20 different Baals. Eg, Baal Berith, Baal Zephon. The word “Baal” means “Lord”, these are “Strong men”)
  • Satyr (Pan)
  • Legion

There are many, many more, but this was just to give an example, you can see some are emotion type things and others, like Lilith a name, Lilith here is an example of a higher ranking demon. The emotion type stuff we generally find are “underlings” of the likes of Lilith. So Lilith would be the strong man and the emotion type demons her ‘nest’.

Mark 3:27  No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.

Lilith is the strong man, and the nest her ‘goods’ or the things she has stored in the house, the house being the ‘temple’ your body.

Clearly a human can have the emotion of anger without it being a demon, the difference is when a person can not control the emotion. When anger becomes going on a violent spree, it’s clear it’s out of control, isn’t it? Then you hear the person telling those they attacked “I’m sorry I lost control”. When depression cannot be stopped and leads to suicide attempts then it is beyond the persons control. Now, we all know that you can get medicated to numb parts of the brain to so called “fix’ these things but you will likely be medicated for the rest of your life. This is out of control, the medical people will happily give out medication for anything and everything, these all have side affects, the side affects usually need to be medicated and cause more side affects, which in turn need to be medicated… it’s a vicious circle. We’ve never had a person die in deliverance but have seen people go down the medical way and from side affects commit suicide. They were already on a “lethal dose” (according to their doctor) of medication. The medication was for another side affect, the original problem being depression. The meds given were lethal and one of which had a side affect of suicidal thoughts! No wonder she was lost to suicide, the medical profession of course took no responsibility for the death. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against medication, it’s not a cure however. Deliverance may not be the cure either, but I know for a fact Jesus is!

It’s wise to check all avenues for healing, why rule out a spiritual root? Especially if the problem is not solved by positive thinking and has become difficult to control. Sometimes there is a spiritual root and psychological issues. (Check section on mind control for the psychological).

* NB for queries on schizophrenia please check our Mind Control page. Many of the Mental Illnesses are a direct result of Mind Control.

Can anyone have deliverance?

Yes. The fact is anyone can have demons cast out, the question is can everyone who has had deliverance keep the demon out? The answer to that is, no.
We recommend that before going through deliverance you understand exactly how that demon behaves, its characteristics and the ways it influences you. If you don’t understand all of this the likelihood is that it will return and, when it returns it will enter with seven more wicked (see Luke 11:24-26). We have seen the outcome of this and it is ugly. And painful for the person involved. Therefore we insist that those coming for deliverance firstly be desperate for the change, for the deliverance to happen. Secondly the bible teaches us that “the truth shall  set you free”. So if you don’t really want the truth then you really won’t get set free! (Jesus is the way the TRUTH and the life): those seeking the truth and really wanting the truth regardless of what they may lose to get it, will be set free.

Does everyone getting deliverance have to be a Christian?

No. We have had many people who were not Christians come for deliverance or to support a loved one going through deliverance. Generally, through the process they will come to know God. We cannot do deliverance without God, demons will not leave unless by the authority of Jesus Christ, and in His name we cast them out. Jesus is center in what we do. People who do not believe in Jesus have come to support someone in deliverance and seen the supernatural power He has and immediately believed. It is hard to deny Jesus when viewing deliverance. You may come in an unbeliever, but you will very likely leave a believer. Through witnessing deliverance many people became believers in the new testament, things have not changed.

Can we get demons or evil spirits out of buildings?

Yes. We have done quite a few cleansings of buildings, whether it be an office space or a home it makes no difference. Demons are very territorial, when a person passes away it is possible for the demon/s that lived in that person to stay in the home the person lived in. Demons have a hierarchy system, we look at it like this: demons in individuals, over families, over suburbs, over cities and over countries. This could answer why different suburbs have a different ’feel’, it depends on who’s ruling. Looking at Australia we have different ruling demons over each city, we are in Perth WA, here we are ruled by apathy, lethargy.. Good ole WA, “wait awhile” everyone knows it, they just don’t recognise what it is, the ruling Demon here will have all those in its nest and more. Demons in buildings can be cleaned out, demons over suburbs and so on need constant warfare to shut them down. (For information on the spirits of the deceased just read on).

Demons are the same in a body and out a body, still subject to those with authority in Christ, we can cast them out just the same as in a person. The procedure we use is a little different but the result is the same: demon gone.

What if the demon was sent from a curse or spell, can it still be cast away?

Yes, definitely. You would be surprised how many of us are cursed. It is far more common than most people realise. During deliverance we will break all curses over you. Spells and incantations are also broken. Hexes, vexes and any and all magic can be broken in Jesus’ name.

Can witches and warlocks get demons cast out if they summoned them in the first place?

Yes. Even Satanists can be delivered, but like everyone who comes for deliverance they need to be sincerely seeking the help to be free. Anyone can be delivered, they only need ask. We will work the exact same way with every person who comes sincerely asking for deliverance. If you are, or know of someone who is a witch or warlock who is seeking to be free please send them our way, we are not about condemning people, we are about seeing them set free. Demons don’t care if your are Christian, non Christian, Satanist, Muslim or Atheist, they are here to rob, kill and destroy. We are here to do as Jesus commanded us, cast out demons, heal the sick and preach the gospel. The Bible says we are to do this for ‘every creature’, we don’t discriminate.

Can children have demons?

Yes. And they also can be delivered. From birth we are affected, so from birth we can receive deliverance. The procedure is of course different for infants, but the result is the same, demon gone, and healing follows. We would like to point out here that things like ADD, ADHD and many other diagnosed disorders have been cast out of people and children and complete healing has happened. No more ADD or disorder was found present. Just like in the new testament when Jesus and the disciples cast out demons of deafness, blindness and so on, and the people were healed, people are healed of disorders and disabilities today. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still works healings and miracles. He does them through us, His body.

Can spirits of the deceased hang around, attach or haunt us?

In the word of God we are firmly warned not to consult the dead. This does not mean you cannot consult the dead as some Christians believe. The reason God said “do not consult the dead” is because it is wrong to do so, if we need supernatural advice, protection or direction we are to go to God. It is clear however that it is possible to interact with the dead. For the staunch Christian reading this, I want to be clear, if God said to me; “Do not fly anymore” my answer would be; “I can’t fly, so I certainly won’t fly!” God is not so stupid as to give a directive forbidding an action which is impossible anyway! He doesn’t waste his breath, His yes is yes and no is no. God has never been one to talk for the sake of talking, every word is important and potent! So when He said do not consult the dead He meant exactly that, “Do not consult the dead”. Consult is to ask direction, advice or as many know when you get a consultant in a matter they need outside expertise in. We consult the Lord God, not the dead.

Are the dead spirits around? Yes. It is clear through scripture that the deceased, commonly referred to as the ones who have “passed over” can in fact be summoned from their resting place or remain here on the earthly plane. When Jesus walked on the water in the storm the disciples believed they were seeing a ghost, the word in the Greek is phantasma:
From G5324; (properly concretely) a (mere) show (“phantasm”), that is, spectre: – spirit.

This word only shows up a couple of times in the word of God, each time in reference to a ghost, a spirit of the dead. The Biblical study on the deceased is a deep one and one we are happy to take people through but for the purposes of keeping this from being a book I will not go into it here. The simple fact is there are those that have died still lingering here. One scripture I will put here to confirm is:

Luke 12:34  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

The word Heart here, figuratively, speaks of the mind (feelings and thoughts), so if you are very attached to your children and love them more than the Lord God, then you become soul tied and when you pass away you are bound to them in death. They are your treasure. Some people treasure their garden or their favorite necklace, these things are treasures here on the earth and if you love them more than the Lord then you can be bound to them. This is why some places are inhabited by the ones who lived there. Prisons and the like can be haunted by the ones passed due to oaths or pacts made by the person living. Some people say stupid things like “When I die I am going to haunt you” or “I will never leave these four walls, I will be here forever” This is known as a legal right and demons, evil spirits are capable of holding you on that as a contract or legality. Be careful what you say! This is another reason why one of the 10 commandments is “Love the Lord your God with all your heart.” This certainly doesn’t mean you can’t love anything or anyone else, just Love God first and more!

In the very early church it was common knowledge that the deceased could stay here, in fact the name “demon” was what they were called. Remember the name demon hasn’t always been just for evil or wicked spirits, but also deities, gods and devils. As mentioned earlier demons is as broad a term as human.

A changed occurred in the spirit realm when Jesus went and spoke to those who had passed and took the keys of Death and Hades from the enemy, God was always called the God of the living right through the Old testament into the New Testament, after Jesus’ death and resurrection God was then called the God of the living and the dead.

We are forbidden to consult the dead, we do not consult the dead but we will certainly move them on to Jesus in Jesus name, to await final judgement. This doesn’t require a consultation with them, as with evil spirits or demons we will get the name and reason why the one passed is bound to the person, object or place, we will break their ties, loose them and ‘move them on’. After all, Jesus is the God of the living and the dead, we have been given all authority in His name, it cannot be done by anyone else but the Lord’s people and we have found that the ones who have passed and are ‘good’ do not want to be bound or stuck here, the ones who are not ‘good’ are doing no good to the living so need to be moved on.

[How does Set Right do deliverance?

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Will Set Right  travel to other states or countries?

We are very happy to travel and train or assist in setting people free, however, we do this only as the Lord directs. We will not travel unless the Lord instructs us to do so. We have traveled in the past and will consider with prayer requests for us to visit.

If you have a team you want trained in Deliverance and Healing of the soul, we are more than happy to put it to prayer and come if the Lord directs us to. We do not charge for our services, however if we are asked to travel we do ask that there be accommodation and transport available to us.

Can Set Right help with people who have been subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse?

Yes, this is an area we specialise in. We are not afraid to confront cults and assist people getting out of covens and cults. We have experience in breaking SRA and Illuminati Mind Control. We can reunite personalities and break demonic bondage, we understand the systems and levels which are set up in individuals who have suffered SRA. We are also very happy to help those who have done the SRA to others and acted as “programmers”, “owners”, “handlers” or any other roles within the cult or coven. Jesus came for the sinner, and will heal, deliver and set free any individual who sincerely seeks him. We can provide a safe place for those coming out of these areas.

We are also willing to prayerfully consider travelling to assist in breaking a cult or coven’s strongholds in different states or countries. And training those who want to assist others getting out from it.

What is SRA?

Satanic Ritual Abuse. SRA is exactly what it sounds like Satanic rituals and horrific abuse. This is one of the methods used by the illuminati to mind control by shattering individuals through trauma. They discovered they can shatter a soul through trauma and abuse. When a soul is shattered they can create multiple personalities with in a person, they use these as their own personal puppets, programming them like avatars on a computer. The rituals and magic used by Satanists doing this are to layer in demons to continually traumatise the soul. They control the multiple personalities by using demons.

SRA is done to mind control individuals, it is one method used. Many other methods are used to mind control individuals, we are experienced in breaking all types of mind control, we find the SRA to be the most horrifying and disturbing. Every type of mind control is inhumane, however what the victims of SRA have been through is by far the most sickening.

God was well aware of the depths of man’s depravity and knew these times would come, He provided a way to be set free from SRA and from all captivity. Jesus Christ is the answer. We know that by advertising the breaking of SRA and Mind Control we ourselves have become targets, we have had the threats and even ritual kills (animals) left at the door for us. We will do what the Lord has trained us and called us to do, we are happy to live until the Lord calls us home and have the faith to know that we are in His hands; no weapon formed against us shall prosper. 🙂

We are delighted to serve the Lord, therefore all those who come for healing of the soul, to be set free of Mind control or SRA will find love and acceptance, and we will do all we can to see you through.

Will the demons come back in after they have been cast out?

When Jesus was walking on the earth, casting out demons and healing the sick he would finish by saying “Go and sin no more”. The people He was speaking to understood what sin is, they were the Israelites. The Israelites were raised with the laws of God and knew them like the ABC’s so it was simple to say “sin no more”. For us it is not so simple, we don’t know nor understand God’s laws. Therefore we, as deliverance ministers need to recognise or discern what is the legality the demon has in a person and then explain to each person what they need to change to keep that demon from re-entry.

Another major factor is the ’strong man’  or “Unclean spirit” the Bible says:

Matthew 12:43-46 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.
Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

I am going to try and explain this in more modern terms because there is a great deal of wrong teachings on this. The Unclean spirit is an evil, foul, lewd, dirty spirit. It can also be called a “strong  man” meaning a spirit which rules over others in the house (body). If we cast out this unclean spirit, be it a spirit of hatred, rage, envy, depression etc, and do not replace it – leaving the ‘house’ (person) swept clean and empty – that unclean spirit will come and see that there is nothing in its place and move back in with seven more wicked than itself. This is spiritual law.

The person must establish a new ‘Strong man’, replacing the old with new. You cannot find a stronger strong man than Jesus Christ. If the person getting delivered makes every effort to establish a relationship with Jesus, Jesus will be the strong man in the house (body) and the unclean spirit will find the house clean and a new strong man guarding the house. There is no spirit that can overthrow Jesus, He has already won that victory by overcoming death, He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. To have Jesus as your strong man is the ultimate, He cannot be cast out. If the person after deliverance rejects Jesus deciding that they don’t need Him because the demon is gone and they are all good. The unclean spirit will see the house is swept clean and EMPTY and re enter with seven more wicked than itself as this scripture states.

So a demon can come back if the person rejects the one who delivered them, Jesus. If they establish Him as Strong man in them, the demon will try to weasel its way in but cannot without the person willfully allowing it.

Can someone else’s demons jump into me during or before deliverance?

Demons are very sly, cunning beings, yes they can jump into another if the deliverance ministers don’t know what they are doing. We learned this the hard way. We’ve had all sorts of ridiculous things going on in and before deliverance. Demons actually planning and plotting how to beat us and keep their position in the person.

Demons can travel through soul ties and move from one to another at will if not blocked from doing so. We have seen demons go from one person to the next trying to avoid being cast out. Believe it or not, they do not like being cast out, some fight, some cry, some get very abusive, some try to bargain and others hide or even try to run to escape being cast out. They will do just about anything to avoid failure, exposure and eviction. I would never say we’ve seen “everything”, but in the area of casting out demons we’ve seen a great deal. Intimidation is another tactic used by demons to remain in a person, they will do some outrageous things to stay. We’ve seen intimidation tactics such as contortion, levitation, causing temporary paralysis, causing pain to keep position. We’ve seen them try to end the person’s life in order to complete their assignments on the person; remember demons come to rob, kill and destroy. If they are being cast out sometimes demons will try to quickly finish their job to avoid failure and the punishment failure brings.

Over the years of doing deliverance we have learned many of the tactics employed by demons, we do the spiritual warfare before people come. We have learned how to stop demons moving from one to the other and how to guard against all the tactics they have used on us so far.
So the answer to this question is Yes, demons can move, but No, we warfare and know how to avoid this.

The person coming for deliverance may get some intimidation tactics thrown at them after they have booked to come, before they get here. The usual tactics are visions of harming self or others, nightmares where the demon tries to convince the person of the dangers of trying to cast it out. We have known demons to convince a person that we have put them there in the first place! Or that we, (and this is one of the most common ones lately due to our work in the area of mind control), are actually a cult and they will be held here and we will brain wash them. Lol, its getting old.  I believe there is even a local blogger who states she was held here by us! People who have actually been involved with covens and cults don’t find it quite so easy to just get up and walk out, we tend to have an open door policy, you walked in and you can walk out, it’s a revolving door.  Demons can cause sickness and all sorts of sudden family disputes and accidents to keep you from coming, we will do our job and warfare, and you will need to do yours and be determined to get rid of that thing, if not, any excuse will do!

Will Set Right  follow up after deliverance?

We are always happy to help anyone go right through their Christian walk, we offer teaching, training, support and comfort. We do not however tolerate abuse nor continual sinning. We will follow the law of Christ Jesus, we will warn a person of the sin and give them love and support to change, if the person refuses to come out of it, we will do what the scriptures tell us: we will not pat people’s backs and ignore their sin. We will do our best to help you stop, but if you are determined to ‘do as thou wilt’ then we will do as Paul stated in scripture and cut off the one determined to continue in sin, until they repent and change.

We will support all as long as they want the support. We have had people complain in nearly every circumstance, too supportive, not supportive enough, too strict, too slack, too hard, too nice, too loving (smothering), not caring. I think we have heard it all. We will follow up, but remember it is your walk with the Lord not ours. We cannot have that relationship for you, you will need to take responsibility for your own actions on judgement day, so better you get used to it now!

Is there anything that Jesus can’t do?

No. 🙂

We welcome any questions and are willing to meet with any person who believes they may need deliverance or would like to know more on the topic. We will not engage in doctrinal arguments, or conversations to convince us that demons don’t exist, or debates on religion.

If you are interested in having Set Right train up a team in deliverance we would be happy to meet with you for this to be arranged. Alternatively, we welcome any individuals who are interested in joining one of our deliverance teams, and are happy to train said individuals on the job.

We look forward to hearing from you!








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