End Time Mind Control

Exposing the demonic plan to control man

Our intention here is to expose End Time Mind Control and how it works, or rather, how it has been done. Undoing it is a whole different can of worms, but of course through Jesus Christ all things are possible.
Please grab yourself a cuppa and settle in for a read, you may not believe all you read, but at least consider it. We are the type of people who research things thoroughly, we also test all these things before we ‘put it out there’, so all that you read here has already been put to the test and trialled as far out as it seems, it is real, and possibly the answer to your problems….
Some years ago a few on our team would have sworn that demons did not exist, a year ago I (Michelle) said emphatically that there was no such thing as an alternate personality, only demons that were controlling a person at different times. I have been known to make these very strong statements only to have the Lord correct me; often immediately, thank God I am able to wear mistakes and move on! We have moved on… Alternate personalities not only are very real but a necessary part of Satan’s plan in these end times. Before you close the page hear me out, even if just to have something bizarre to bring up in the lunch room…

How we stumbled across the End Time Mind Control

The first question people always ask us about how we ended up being a deliverance ministry is; “Why did you choose to do deliverance?”. The fact is we didn’t choose to be a deliverance ministry, we chose to do whatever the Lord asked us to. After making this choice it wasn’t long before we had manifestations happening around us every time we came together, we had to learn to cast out demons or stand and watch as demons tore our loved ones to shreds. Literally. In the beginning we were a ‘group’ just studying the Bible together, once a week like a regular church we would come together and talk about the Bible, we sang a few songs of praise and generally just enjoyed one another’s company and talking about the Lord. One day the Lord asked me to prepare the group for supernatural things. I didn’t really how to do this so I just started telling them about the supernatural things I had experienced, we all looked into the Acts (Book of the Bible) and began sharing stuff that had happened in our lives and things we had read etc. One group night we had a demon manifest in a fairly obvious manner, yet only enough for us to be sure that it was a demon, (screaming mainly) the person the demon was in eventually came back and had no clue why we were all standing around commanding her to leave in Jesus name. She had no idea of what had just happened. The next week we had a similar thing happen, only in two group members and this time the demons were excessively violent. Thus began our journey into becoming a deliverance ministry. We had to cast out demons, or give up on loved ones and turn our back on the Lord’s call for us. Admittedly the journey has been rough, and we have seen many team members quit, unable to run the race. We have also seen the Lord refine those willing to continue and He has strengthened and set us in our work, He has provided all we need to keep going despite all the persecution in the media and in our private lives. We have seen hundreds of people delivered. We wanted more, and we knew the Lord had so much more for us to do, but before we could move into it we had to, as a team, go through more refining. This meant we lost more team members, we honestly thought that we were being totally broken, a few of us again made it through and then the Lord opened a whole different side to the ministry.

One evening while delivering a team member the Lord distinctly said “Stop”. He then said that to move on we needed to research Mind Control. The demon we were delivering at the time was a very low ranking demon, it’s function was apparently to replay things constantly in the person’s mind. It seemed odd that the Lord was saying stop and research Mind Control at that time but we are not ones to argue with Him. Over the next few weeks we researched Mind Control,  namely MK Ultra and Monarch Mind Control Slaves, we read material from Fritz Springmier and Cisco Wheeler as well as hours and hours of research and watching Cathy O’Brien and Illuminati based footage to understand what was going on. In some ways we got more than we bargained for, but then, the Lord knows best.

It was enough to read and hear about all the damage that has come through Mind Control, it was another thing entirely to hear the Lord say that it was not just the people who had been in one way or another meddled with by the Illuminati, but that the Mind Control that was being done by humans to other humans was being carried out by demons on all of us. This was startling news and for over a week we felt like we were living in the Matrix, everything changed.

We are not the type of people to believe everything we hear, we needed to test, the Bible says we must test the spirits, so we went to work spending a few more weeks testing the whole idea that we had been Mind Controlled en masse. In all we do in this ministry we pray through everything, discovering the End Time Mind Control was certainly no different; we prayed and started to test during our own deliverance sessions. We discovered that almost every person coming for deliverance had been fragmented and had Alternate personalities. I will explain further how this has happened and why Satan has been so careful to be sure each one of us is under the End Time Mind Control.

First, to finish the story of what we discovered was true; the person the Lord told us to stop work on at that time and to research further Mind Control had a background in which they had dabbled in some amount of witchcraft. The Lord had told us to stop, not because the person couldn’t be delivered but because He wanted to teach us something. He had said at the time that we needed to stop, He said that the person was ‘fifth column’ and didn’t know it. (Fifth column means they were basically a spy who  had infiltrated the ministry to gain information) This didn’t make much sense at the time as He had said that the person themselves didn’t know that they were and we needed to research Mind control. During our research we found that the Illuminati commonly use people in this way, the person we had was not in touch with the Illuminati but had a history of being involved with witches and cults. The Illuminati will deliberately split a persons mind to create multiple personalities, what is now more commonly known as DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and was known as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), then use a personality to infiltrate a place by becoming a part of the organisation, thus gaining all the information. The personality might be completely unaware that they are a Alternate personality, or “Alter” as they are commonly called. The core personality may be very much aware that they are split and agree to be used like this which was the case in our scenario. The person we had in front of us was an Alternate personality who did not know they were not the ‘main’ and were very much a spirit filled Christian who loves the Lord. The main personality however was no where near in the same position, the main was actually a witch who felt she needed to “empty” out as she called it, she had been involved with witchcraft a very long time and had summoned a great deal of demonic powers in, the main pushed forward an Alter to come and get deliverance, the problem was the Alter became so strong through the power of Jesus Christ and was delivered, the main who was using the deliverance ministry to ’empty out’ and to gain information was certainly not unseen by the Lord and ended up being exposed. We learned much through working with this individual about Alternate personalities, the main who was a witch was converted to Christianity because of the power of Jesus Christ and now is becoming whole. I will try to explain as simply as I can the very complex way this all works, but before I do, I will explain why Satan has done this. Then I will try to explain how…

Why Satan has used Mind Control on the World

Since the beginning Satan has had designs on being God, the fact is he cannot. The Bible tells us however that currently he is the god of this World and will; in the end be thrown into the lake of fire, Satan cannot change this, but he is deluded enough to believe that he can. He knows what is to come, there will be a war, a war between Jesus and the saints and himself and all he can gather as an army to fight against the Army of the Lord. Satan cannot win, and we will look at later why he certainly cannot win, but as I  said he is deluded and mad on power enough to think he actually has a chance. There is a saying “There is strength in numbers” I am sure you have heard it? It is a known Biblical fact that there will only be a small remnant (small group) of people who will make it through to be the saints that will be with Jesus. Satan is playing a numbers game, trying to tip the balance in his favour for the coming war. The World is already losing many in death through natural disasters wars etc, when the great tribulation period begins we will lose many lives, Revelations are clear that a large percent of people will die in these times. Satan cannot know who will survive, he needs an army to fight therefore he has devised a plan to steal mankind as his army, many Christian will be converted into his army, he is using Mind Control to do this.

A vast majority of people would never choose to be Satan worshippers. In fact many people are Atheists, certainly they and the Christian would never choose to follow Satan? Satan knows that, he knows that there are millions who are unaccounted for in either army, and the chances are once the reality hits that there IS going to be a war many of those people will choose to “go with God”. He simply cannot tolerate that. His problem is man’s freewill. If given the choice when all has become revealed and man cannot deny that Jesus and Satan actually exist, man would in all likelihood choose Jesus, after all, we are made in His image, we will see the truth and most would choose at that point to follow Jesus rather than side with Satan. As you can plainly see, this is a huge problem for Satan, free will is the issue, and given the freedom to choose we will when it gets down to it choose Jesus.

Satan has had to come up with a plan to take our free will, to somehow counteract it. Mind Control is the perfect solution…. Unless of course God reveals the plan and we fight back, which is exactly what has happened, God has revealed Satan’s attack on our free will and has shown a way for us to become free of Mind Control.

If it was just a matter of seeing the plan and overcoming the human element in it, it would be simple, but always with anything Satanic it is a box within a box. Christians have known since Jesus walked this earth that a part of being a Christian is to do the work Jesus set out for us, casting out demons, healing the sick, raising the dead and preaching the gospel. Satan knew also that this was the commission of the saints. If it were just a matter of casting out demons (I realise all else is just as important, but this is our topic at present) then we could cast out the demons and be free from our wills being enslaved. Demons rob, kill and destroy, they enslave the soul. If a person wanted to be free it should be as simple as casting out the demons that are enslaving us, yet time and again we have seen that this is not the full solution, people still, after seeing the miracle of a demon being cast out, are able to turn their back on God and slip back into all the rotten things they had just been set free from. Most claim they just couldn’t overcome. They were somehow still driven into the very thing they had just been delivered from. If we could cast out the demon Mind Control, then they should be free, shouldn’t they? No. Here we see the working of the flesh and where Satan’s full scale onslaught has really been effective, Paul  (the Apostle) spoke about the things he did not want to do he’d do and the things he wanted to do he would not etc. He stated that when he would do good, evil is present with him. It sounds like being a double minded man.

The Bible consistently talks about us gaining self control, yet mankind seem to be getting more and more out of control, we simply cannot control ourselves! I have never met a person who has not done or said things they didn’t want to do or say, yes, this can be demonic, but it can also have much to do with self control. Do you really think that you have full control of yourself? Do you ever argue with yourself? We (mankind) are in trouble, Satan has made it extremely unpopular to talk about demons, demons don’t exist! If you talk about demons existing you are a ‘freak’ (I personally have been labelled a freak on t.v. no less!) If you claim you hear voices or argue with yourself or have a problem then you are labelled “schizophrenic” or you have a “mental illness” you can’t speak out in either way without being labelled. Funny isn’t it that all our so called ‘stars’ in the entertainment industry have “alter egos” and that is actually more accepted than if they do not, yet if you or I have an “alter ego” we are “schizophrenic” and/or MPD/DID and quickly medicated! I have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, I am not laughing at suffering people by any means, I am laughing at our complete blindness! Once you see it you cannot unsee it. One you realise you are living in a type of matrix you cannot go back, there is no pill to take like on the matrix. Even saying that makes me laugh, they have been flaunting it in our faces for so long, yet we are blind to what has happened. Did you know Beyonce used to be a beautiful Christian choir singing girl? Now, she has a ‘spirit that takes over’ and she can do things she would never ordinarily do… she calls it Sasha Fierce, by her own admission she calls it Fierce because it is fierce, she also has Illuminati symbolism (Satan worship) displayed in all she does. Is this because the Christian choir singing Beyonce no longer exists? No, it’s because her Alter ego Sasha Fierce is demonically trained and is a Satanist, hmmm Beyonce is double minded. There are two distinct Beyonce’s presented here, who do you think is stronger? Here’s another interesting question, why isn’t she thrown in a mental institution? She clearly has issues right? If it were me masquerading as a preacher by day and a demon worshipping Satanic priestess by night, I am fairly certain someone would have me committed, yet we have elevated her to “star” status. Not just Beyonce; Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Madonna, Eminem, Elvis, Ke$ha, Britney, and the list goes on and on all have “alter egos” in fact many of them don’t just claim to have Alter egos, but also demons that inspire and rule them! Look at Nicki Minaj! Why is she walking about and not locked up? I’ll tell you why, all these ones listed and many more ’stars’ both in the music industry and Hollywood are Illuminati monarch slaves, they are completely ruled by human ’handlers’ and ’programmers’. Yep, you heard ’programmers’ like they are all personal computers. That is exactly what they are, human computers which have been programmed and have many ’avatars’ for the handlers to play with. We live in a sick world. Can your computer do anything with out you giving the command? Does it have a free will? Nope. Nor do the Illuminati slaves. They are so incredibly fearful and controlled they don’t dare break free. I am not saying they can’t I am saying they don’t. Who knows; many of them may want to, but where can they go? Have you heard of paparazzi? If Britney tried to run it would be all over the tabloids an hour later, she’d be thrown in rehab and reprogrammed… oh wait, that has already happened.

I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s an interesting experiment for those ‘unbelievers’ out there, go out tomorrow and call yourself Margaret (unless you are already Margaret) say you are an electrician who has all the knowledge of electrics from a demon named “Boyce” and give it all the glory for your knowledge. See how quick you get locked up. Your family and friends will have you committed I  assure you. Now consider Nicky Minaj, whose name by the way is not Nicki Minaj, she starts talking with a different voice and calls herself Roman the demon, who has been summoned and lives inside her, he even has cd’s! And here’s the amazing part; Roman is idolised! He has multitudes of fans who buy his cd’s, he is extremely graphic sexually and violently in his lyrics about what he will do to his fans, and yet they rush out to buy the cd’s!. Nicki Minaj has stated many times that she does not want Roman, he is a demon who was summoned and lives in her, she is serious! And making millions from it. She is so messed up. But to be fair she has made demon summoning very popular among her fans, she has even been on radio telling her fans to summon demons to have a ‘break from reality’. She hasn’t been thrown in a mental institution, why? Did you know that Elvis claimed that his singing career was all to the glory of his dead brother who he summoned and ‘came through’ and sang through his mouth? It’s all very interesting isn’t it? Here’s something else I find fascinating, all the ‘stars’ are affiliating themselves with ancient gods and goddesses; Horus, Artemis, Isis, Aphrodite, Zeus etc etc. And many of the movies are also centred around these Mythological gods and goddesses. Why? Is it coincidence? Nope. We are being prepared and desensitised to all that is coming, we are being taught to worship these gods and goddesses. In a Jay Z concert thousands of fans raised their hands in a satanic symbol representing the all seeing eye. The eye in a triangle, you’ve all seen it I’m sure. Thousands of people being trained to pay homage and worship Satan, do they even know it or are they mind controlled? Many of these people would claim to be Christians. Wouldn’t be seen in public praising God or saying something like “hallelujah” in a crowded room other than church, it’s way too embarrassing, but will willingly throw their hands up to glorify Satan in public without a second thought. See the word willingly? It is their will to do so, how did we lose all self control and hand it over to follow such people like Jay Z a known Satan worshipper? Doing as he commands? And now we all sing along in praise to Beyonce AKA Sasha Fierce “Bow down” here she is telling us all to bow down to her and idolise her, a satanic priestess! And we are doing it! Satan has had no trouble at all gaining followers, will you fight when Jay Z says “Now fight! Horus commands it” You say no way, yet even good little church going Christians are throwing their hands up in Satanic worship when he commanded it. Why not, everyone else was… so why not go into a frenzied fight when everyone else is and your idol commands it? All your reasoning will go out the window, you are already being trained to follow commands, or shall we call them ‘triggers’?  Many of you will say “I never thought of it like that” That’s the point. You never thought, you just do as is expected. Follow the leader, but who is the leader? Who is your idol? And who controls your idol? If you are a Nicki Minaj fan you are a demon worshipper, ever think of that? You may say to yourself “Pffft, I’m no demon worshipper, I don’t follow anyone, I’m a free thinker” What’s been continually thrown in your face to freely think about? I can assure you your free thinking is very carefully thought out by something or someone. When you are enraged all you can think about is why you are enraged, enraging you further, that’s free thinking, following a thought. Who planted the thought? Feel like you are in the Matrix yet?

Who according to the Bible rules the world and all that is in it right now? Satan. Are you in the World? Who directs your thoughts, oh wise free thinker? Remembering that thoughts originate in the mind according to events and situations happening around you in the world. So again, who rules your mind? You? According to all you know and have learned in this world. Guess who rules your mind. Satan that’s who. How did he manage to take your free will so you won’t break out of his system and go higher into God’s Kingdom for the answers… I’ll show you.

How we have been Mind Controlled, how ‘Alters’ are developed

The best way for us to show the way Satan has us Mind Controlled and is building his own army is to show it in simplest form by diagrams as we do in our courses and teaching on deliverance and mind control. (Please email if you would like to attend a course from the Contact page).

I will start with a simple diagram we are going to call Sally. The following is a picture of Sally’s soul at the second she was conceived.

Sally1Let’s say that Sally has been conceived by two normal loving parents, already that can be a irregularity in today’s World. Her Mum and dad are married and have been hoping to get pregnant, Sally’s mother escaped a terrible childhood, her father was abusive, and her mother a drunkard, Sally’s mum however despite this is pretty balanced, she is 22 and glad to be out of her parents’ home. She enjoys partying with friends and occasionally uses marijuana just to ‘chillax’. Nothing huge, she’s fairly normal and balanced, of course she cannot stand violence after growing up with it all around her, this is why she loves her husband so much. He is completely calm, never raises his voice, avoids any arguments and allows Sally’s mum to run the home completely, knowing that given her life growing up she needs to be completely in control. He (Sally’s dad) likes that Sally’s mum rules the house as his mum was that way and he very much loves his mum. His dad was never around much as he was a hard worker on the mines, never home but kept the family in finances. You could even go so far as to say that Sally’s dad is a bit of a ‘mummy’s boy’. He respects that Sally’s mum ‘rules the roost’. This is a fairly normal happy marriage, clearly they have had ‘issues’ in their parental homes, but that is over, they are together now and have just conceived Sally, who of course will inherit family traits from both sides. Her mother’s looks, her fathers brain’s, her mother’s need to control, her father’s fear of authority, her grandmother’s hatred of men, her grandfather’s anger, her great great grandmother’s psychic abilities…. We covered all of this in the section on demons, we inherit these things, it’s a spiritual inheritance. So seconds after Sally is conceived Satan has layered into Sally all the demonic powers accumulated from both sides of the family, and now her soul looks like this:

Sally2Ugly isn’t it? You wonder why you follow in your parents’ footsteps? But how can you not with all the same demons driving and compelling you? That’s already bad enough, now these demons are under a higher ranking demon, they have an assignment to carry out. Their assignment is to completely dominate and rule you, or if not destroy you. If you cannot be built into a good soldier of Satan, then you must be destroyed. Demons are under a hierarchy, just like all of us, in one form or another. These demons are under the orders of higher ranking demons: demons ruling over families, suburbs, cities, countries and all the way to the ‘top’, Satan himself. These demons want to please the hierarchy and climb up the ladder to gain power. After all, since the beginning of time it has been about power hasn’t it? Satan wanted to be God, that’s how this war began in the first place, why would the imps living in us be any different? They all want power too. Satan knows that the ego, pride and desire for power is the driving force for all creatures, him included, so he plays on this right down through the ranks. He promises these imps position of power if they perform well, and for these imps to succeed they need to enslave us to Satan, they have to build Satan’s army. Now we have all heard the saying that an excellent war strategy is “to divide and conquer”. These hereditary demons on Sally now need to have her soul divided, she needs to be broken and enslaved. The sad part is Satan has not had any problems doing this to us through us!

Sally has a hereditary demon sitting in her soul that causes her to be fearful of anger (it came from her grandmother). This demon recognises a demon in her mother that is the same as Sally’s grandfather (her mother has inherited Sally’s grandfathers anger), it always comes from a different root, the grandfather was violent when he was drunk, Sally’s mum doesn’t drink, she likes to control, so if things are messy in the house Sally’s mum can get really angry, she has never hit out at anyone, but she screams her head off if Sally drops a towel in the bathroom instead of hanging it. Sally one day, when she was 2, had an accident at Sally’s mum’s friends place: Sally should’ve known better but was distracted playing. Her mum got so mad that she slapped her across the face when Sally cried after being told off. The whole incident of Sally wetting and then crying making her mum look bad was too much for her mum and enraged her, in a fit of rage she slapped Sally, then Sally’s fear of anger demon took this opportunity to replay it over and over in Sally’s head until Sally was so fearful of her Mum that every time her mum raised her voice at her, Sally would blank out. She would quickly retreat into “la la land”, giving mum a blank stare while she was yelling at her. This saves Sally, because she literally tunes out through fear when mum yells, but who is standing in front of mum? The demon “Fear of Anger” has managed to grab a piece of Sally’s soul for himself, the part of Sally that holds all the fears. And because Sally couldn’t cope she fragmented; her soul fragmented and one of those fragments is owned by a Spirit of Fear. Now every time Sally is scared this part of her is thrown up to attention and she instantly remembers all the scary things. For example, Sally’s teacher in grade one yells at sally for forgetting her library book and Sally flashes back to “mum slapping her and yelling at her”, something she hadn’t even remembered until this moment. It’s as if it happened yesterday, the memory is so vivid and poor Sally runs crying from the room. Now to the fear is added some more: she is laughed at by all the class because she ran crying and it really wasn’t that big a deal. It was to Sally because of the flash back, but now she is also completely embarrassed and the spirit of fear of anger has added a fear of humiliation and embarrassment to it’s nest. Sally keeps going through shattering stuff, and demons keep piling in until her soul looks like this:

Sally3As you can see the soul has split: each of these splits represent a different personality. You can see that the green one up the back is labelled the “core”, that is Sally’s core personality. But in the precedent example Sally had long ago retreated; at the front is a part of Sally that always protects her when she is frightened. This personality comes to the forefront when Sally is being yelled at, it takes the fear so Sally doesn’t have to bear it. This is called a ‘switch’ of personality. When Sally (The core) has done something and mum comes storming into the room, Sally instantly knows she is in trouble. The instant she recognises trouble the personality that protects her from fear is ‘triggered’ to the front and Sally (the Core) retreats in her mind. There are more than two personalities there though, these are all different parts or personalities of Sally: one holds anger, one is the Sally who plays, one is the Sally that attends school, etc and so forth. There is literally a Sally for all occasions. These personalities are what is termed as ‘front alters’ in the Mind Control jargon (yes it’s that well established it has it’s own jargon). These front alters switch fairly regularly, Sally could go her entire life pretty much oblivious to it. In other words it is ‘normal’. You may be thinking “oh come on, that’s not normal at all!” This example is a very common example of a regular person, Sally. Her life is not full of abuse or really terrible, it’s a normal life. For those of you who have kids you actually will have experienced the switches in your children very regularly and not ever realised what was happening. I’ll give an example I am sure nearly all will relate to; either it has happened to you, or you have had a friend or family member do it…

You see your Child playing in the bathroom, he/she is soaking wet and running around, you shout “Hey!” to get their attention; then follow with a: “stop that!, you’ll slip and bang your head”. Your child turns to face you and says; “I wasn’t doing anything.” You say; “I’ve told you not to slide on the tiles before, don’t do it” The child answers with all sincerity; “I wasn’t!” you then yell at the child for lying because you were a witness to the sliding! You saw your child do it right before your eyes and yet here she/he is standing in front of you lying his/her face off that he/she was not doing exactly what you just witnessed being done. Of course the whole scene could escalate, but we’ll leave it there and examine what is very likely happening, to make it less personal let’s use Sally. Say that child was Sally and the parent her mum. Sally was in “la la land”, the “Playful Sally” who has never heard the rule “don’t slide” was happily sliding around on the tiles in the bathroom soaking wet. Mum yells; “Hey!”, then “Fearful Sally” is triggered forward, suddenly thrown into the middle of the bathroom and soaking wet. Mum is yelling so “Fearful Sally” assesses the situation and realises she is in the bathroom, wet. She deducts that she must’ve just had a bath, she puts together the scene quickly, it’s like she’s snapped to attention and has to quickly come up with answers, she of course has no knowledge that there was any sliding taking place because that was “Playful Sally”, and all that “Fearful Sally” knows is that she is the only Sally and certainly did not just slide in the bathroom. She would not do such a thing, it’s dangerous and she is scared of being hurt! So she can very adamantly stand in front of mum with all her knowledge and reasoning and says she most definitely did not slide around the bathroom. Mum can even say; “I just saw you doing it!” This Sally wouldn’t for she is scared of being hurt, she doesn’t remember exactly but what mum must’ve seen was her moving to get a towel and thought she was sliding. That is the only reasonable explanation for this, Sally can even say that to mum, and mum becomes enraged at Sally’s lies. Through this event “Fearful Sally” becomes even more fearful while “Playful Sally” has no clue of what happened. Then if “Playful Sally” comes back at the front when all is said and done hours later, and mum comes in to put her to bed, mum may say “I’m sorry for getting mad at you and screaming when you were sliding in the bathroom, I know it appeared fun, but it is dangerous”. “Playful Sally” might respond: “That’s ok mummy, it is fun, I’m not upset.” So “Playful Sally” remembers sliding, wasn’t present for the trouble but quite happy to accept the apology. Mum may be baffled however as to why Sally didn’t just say sorry herself in the first place instead of making it all worse by lying. It is irrelevant to mum now though because her “Angry Alter” has retreated and now “Easy Going mum” is present!

OK, so you’re now getting a picture of the different personalities that can switch back and forth in normal daily situations. These are called ‘front alters’. After having spoken to and re-uniting many front alters with the core we have discovered that there is a common theme with the front alters: they all “live” in the front where they can at any given moment “take the body” and do as they do. They all claim to stay in “rooms” which are usually the core’s actual bedroom at the time. So when the core is active the front alters are in their rooms which are, from what we understand, exact replicas of the reality rooms. This way it is very difficult for some alters to tell the difference between the “real world” and when they are not active. Some front alters have been reliving the same thing over and over and get “stuck” in a time or event. For example the core may be 17 years of age, but some alters are much younger, say 12, and still live in the room the core had when they were 12. In a way it would seem the alter became redundant and was not triggered forward therefore became stuck in the time frame they last came forward in. We have had many front alters coming up adamant it was 2003, or 1995 or 2009 etc, they had no idea of the time that had lapsed since they were last at the forefront. Many alters don’t know their age and sometimes have no name. Some alters are fully developed in full personalities having a wide scope of emotions and even a ‘life’, others are limited to just a few emotions, i.e. fear, nervousness and guilt. It can be very difficult to see the switch when front alters “step up”, for those who know about it the switches become more and more easy to recognise however. It can be very confusing to all involved who don’t know about alters. As shown previously daily interactions with alters can leave you baffled about what has happened; I’ll give an example of something subtle that has happened here. We have a person who regularly comes, we always offer a cup of tea or coffee and this person always liked coffee, but on this particular occasion I asked if they would like a cup of coffee and they answered “I don’t drink coffee”. It was as simple as that, the alter that answered actually doesn’t like coffee even though the core is a regular coffee drinker, the alter actually had a sense of humour because they knew we were now working with alters and was testing to see if it was safe to make themselves known, we all laughed including the alter, then the core was back.

For the most part front alters may not even be aware that they are alters, they believe they are actually the core and the only one. When we started testing all this we asked the Lord to have all the walls separating alters torn down and let the alters see and hear all we were discussing etc (if they were real). The result was very surprising, when we started trying to talk to alters they came forward quite readily, suddenly aware of what they were. Some of them took the opportunity to ‘investigate’ the situation, and started venturing outside their rooms to see what was really happening (in the person’s head). What they found was not the ‘real world’ but a different world entirely, it seemed many of them were saying they found they were in a house with corridors etc, some found locked doors and gates with guards. It continually amazes me how much all this discovery has opened our eyes more to the Word of God, it seems everything we read now makes perfect sense, not that any of us ever disbelieved the Word, it has just made it even more important and relevant to now.  I am saying this because of something we witnessed recently, there was a front Alter who apparently was completely invisible, when other alters were coming forward we were asking if they knew of others in there and a couple had said they had literally ran into one they couldn’t see but had bumped into. When the invisible alter came forward she wavered her hands in our faces to see if we could see her, we could of course. We asked if she remembered anything of being split from the core, she stated that she could remember always wishing no one could see her because the core was quite shy. This alter was under a self curse. The word says our words have the power to bless or curse, this one was cursed, she had memories of being very hurt after an accident and no one saw her, they continued passed as if she didn’t exist!  This Alter knew she was invisible, she used it to her advantage and went to find out all she could about what we had been saying, I’ll take you through what we had discovered first and then come back to the invisible alter’s findings.

Back Alters & Demons

According to all we had read on the mind control, the whole plan was not to split us so we have alters that come to the surface and act out frequently. That was a necessity because if you fragment someone it is inevitable there will be side effects. The front alters could very easily be noticed and the person go to therapy and try to be “fixed”, they may even come to the conclusion they have demons and go to a deliverance ministry so the Lord can deliver and heal them, and that is all taken into consideration. (As a side note, the Illuminati were so ready for this that they even established Illuminati people in the churches to set up deliverance, so it could be monitored, after all the biggest threat to this whole diabolical plan is the true church of Christ, so it isn’t surprising they infiltrated churches to keep an eye on and control what was happening. Check out Billy Graham, even Rick Joyner and many of his crew are Knights of Malta, a branch of the Illuminati.)

If a person goes for therapy or deliverance the front alters can be worked on. If however, the therapist or deliverance minister should cotton on that something deeper is happening, then there are alters who are trained by demons to watch and alert either demons of higher rank or an external programmer (a person called a programmer, handler or even manager such as all the “stars” have). Once the demonic or human programmer has been alerted that the alters are being delivered, or the “program” interfered with with back alters, the person will be taken to be reprogrammed. In our entertainment industry this is often done and announced in public that the star has gone into ‘rehab’. For the regular people like you and me, we often have internal demonic programmers that will have plans in place to stop any interference to the back alters, we have found that there are alters trained to come up and suicide the body, or alters that are trained to the point of insanity and come to the surface saying and doing crazy stuff; the person being then locked up in a mental hospital where they will be reprogrammed.

Back alters are very rarely at the front, they are trained or programmed for specific things. If you look into MK Ultra or Monarch slaves you will see that many stars are trained to be sex kittens/slaves (Answers the question why the playboy guy always has young beautiful girls hanging off him, he is a very efficient programmer, and has many sex slaves. He is a “professional handler”). This is human debauchery at its worst, and demons have happily joined in, they will readily train a “beta” (name for the sex slave alters). Others are trained to fight, they are called deltas. There are many different programs, the goal is for these alters to be triggered to the front as a part of the army of Satan, some will be sex slaves for demons, others will be highly trained soldiers, others still will have different uses. Basically as we go about our daily lives, within us are parts of us being tortured and trained by horrific means to be in the Army of Satan. Makes sense that even though some of us have great lives we can still for “some reason” be “at the core” totally depressed and in trauma. We are being traumatised. If you choose to look further into how this is done I suggest you read The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler . My intention isn’t to repeat the work that they have already done, but to assist in opening people’s eyes to what has been done.

Back alters are controlled by demons and have been placed “out the back” which brings us back to our invisible alter who decided to go investigate. We already knew that back worlds, yes whole worlds existed as we had interrogated demons and heard many times demons claiming to “rule the world” etc… It was a shock to discover that they actually had made worlds in our minds! It’s no secret that man only uses a very small percent of the brain. We are starting to get an idea of how much of it is being utilised by demons! These worlds often have themes that can be reinforced by the “real world” like Wonderland from Alice in wonderland, and Oz from the wizard of Oz. Fritz mentions these in his book. We have come across many different worlds like Camelot, Fairytopia, Neverland, the list goes on and on. (Another note here; you know Michael Jackson made his home “Neverland”, well Michael Jackson was a Monarch slave and was Peter Pan programmed, the boy who never grew up. Michael Jackson wasn’t a paedophile, he was very damaged by the abuse that he had suffered as an Illuminati slave.) Many of the Alters are placed on the worlds referred to by the front alters as “out the back” but the back alters may be kept literally worlds apart and not know of one another at all. We had a guy through here who had a world of war, all the alters were being trained for Armageddon, they lived in a world that was ran by Nazis and hailed Hitler each time they came to the surface, they were being readied for war. The core of that person being a fighter, it added to the alters training, when the core would enter into a fight an alter could be sent to the surface to train and be familiarised with the “real world”. They were taught not to feel pain and would fight like dogs. What you end up with is a mess. I have heard there is a woman who was on the news here in Australia with something like 138 personalities, this is shocking, or at least it was until we started digging deeper into this and working with more and more people. We had a 9 year old boy here who had 108 front alters. That’s front alters. We found out that there were a further 200 in the “back”. Reading Fritz’s book, mentioned earlier, I learned that the Illuminati will create a grid like structure, or a type of cube, 13 x 13 x 13: they can have up to 169 Alters on each level, this works out to be a total of 2,197 Alters. After reading this I realised that the 108 we were dealing with as front alters in the young boy was almost “amateur” compared to what the Illuminati were doing back in the 60’s and 70’s professionally. Do you reckon they would have improved on that since? Diabolical isn’t it? What we also need to grasp is this: you don’t need to be diagnosed MPD or DID for this to be the case! We have discovered since starting down this path that not one person has not been fragmented. Yes, even the elderly have been fragmented, often when the mind starts to try to heal, as it inevitably will when given a chance (this seems to happen in the older age) then suddenly memories will start coming back. Suddenly the core starts remembering things and often becomes quite agitated as the personalities are drawn back as the mind heals. Some of the older folk start randomly having Alters come to the surface and spouting off memories or things that they are holding that they have experienced, things that can be very “unusual”,and they are instantly labelled and put into homes where they can be cared for. They should be cared for! There is no longer any stopping the different Alters coming up, behaviours can range from seemingly in shock, catatonic to extremely violent. The Alters can switch so randomly that the person can be extremely forgetful, they can be diagnosed “Alzheimer’s” or “dementia”. Now, I am not saying that these diseases are solely coming from this cause, but it’s certainly worth considering as a possible explanation.

The reason for back Alters

The back alters are actually the ones that Satan is most interested in. The front ones are inevitable, when you fragment someone they split, front alters can be very handy as decoys, when you discover that there are front alters they need to be “dealt” with. People will go to all lengths and all sorts of medications to be healed of the mental issues they face. Some front Alters hold depression, some anger and so on, the person feels erratic and goes to get this all dealt with. They will be diagnosed: manic depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, post traumatic stress, DID; the list goes on and on. They are then prescribed medication to affect the moods, alter the chemicals and so on. These drugs are usually anti psychotic drugs, the very drugs used to cause disassociation and fragmentation in the first place! These drugs are excellent to get the mind into the correct state for programming. Some doctors will even use different methods of hypnosis to “heal” the people (including NLP), this is all the very same tactics used to program Alters in the back… So here we have it. You have front Alters that when you try to deal with, you can be put in a state where the back Alters can be programmed properly. The outcome is never healing, you will be kept on drugs to maintain you, but you will never be healed, no longer needing drugs and be problem free. Only God can heal this problem.

Getting back to the reason of back Alters. These Alters live in “alternate” worlds, as described earlier, they are fully trained and under the watchful eye of demonic powers, all happening in that big percent of the brain we are told is never being used. We have had these back Alters brought forward to the front on many occasions in many different people. Although the Alters and the people they are in are all individuals, the theme is common: they are in one way or another being coached, trained or tortured into being slaves for the coming war between Satan and the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of the Alters have been Satanically abused and taught in the dark arts, they have also been trained as soldiers. As explained earlier there are quite a few different “programs”, but ultimately all are being readied to be triggered forward to play a part in the end time war. And I can assure you, some of the ones we have had come forward are very good at what they are trained for! They will have no interest in your loved ones, no care about the things you may care about, they have been kept in worlds tailored for their training.

You ever hear stories where a wife, mother, father or husband may say that a loved one awoke one morning and they just weren’t themselves any more? That they got up one day and all they were focused on suddenly was building weaponry or suddenly believed themselves to be Jesus or some spiritual entity preparing for Armageddon?  Of course this is put down to a psychotic break and the person is put into the mental hospital and drugged. We are hearing these stories more and more, this is a case where back Alters are being triggered forward and are there to do their job. Sometimes the trigger is deliberate through media to test end time triggers and effectiveness, sometimes demons are testing the Alters. In any case what you are seeing are back Alters triggered. Illegal drugs play a big part for our youth, more and more we are hearing news reports of youths taking recreational drugs where they suddenly believed they could fly or are completely crazed, supernaturally strong and without feeling, emotional or physical. These drugs are triggering forward Alters, they are also used to program Alters, to bring them forward and have them do something to act as a training. The kids usually wont remember what happened, if they survive it anyway.

In Conclusion

Demons exist. We have discovered that Alternate personalities not only do exist, but that they are actually part of a deliberate act from Satan and his followers, both spiritual and human, to destroy our minds through the End Time Mind Control of the world, in order to have us slaves in the end time Satanic army. It sounds so completely fictional, and I for one would never have believed it if I had not witnessed it first hand so many times, and now daily. We have entered the Matrix, it is pure evil, and too many of us are already well enslaved. Hardly any will believe this, I challenge all Ministry workers who have read this to pray and research further. Contact us if you feel led, we are training in this area, and have been used by God in successfully healing the souls of those who come.

This is not just deliverance, the minds/souls of us all need healing of the fragmentation that has happened. We have been used by God to do this work, it is very real and certainly not to be played with, there needs to be a solid understanding of what we are dealing with before we start trying to handle Alters.

For those who read this and believe that they may need healing and deliverance, we welcome you to contact us and have facilities to have you stay whilst going through healing and deliverance. We believe God for everything, we believe He can heal you and deliver you, He can also perform miracles, the impossible is more than possible for Him. This said, we insist that those coming for healing remain on medications they are on from regular physicians and psychologists. God is the great physician, The God that heals you. He is more than capable of removing drugs from the systems of those He is healing. We will not force God’s hand, He will heal as He heals. Therefore, we leave it to God to deal with the medications, if you are on medication for mental illnesses you must stay on them until God naturally takes you off them, or your psychologist gradually decreases the dosages as healing occurs. God can make medications placebo, He can change the chemicals in the drugs and do whatever is necessary. It is not a ministry worker’s place to take you off your medication, we are the vessels which God uses to work through, not medical nor psychological doctors (in most cases). Our work is a spiritual work, and in the case of Mind control the work we do is healing of the soul, not administering or advising on meds.

Set Right DO NOT charge. We receive no monetary gain from convincing people they need ministry. Our motivation is simply to do the work the Lord gives us to do, we work to please Him, and it pleases Him to set the captives free. We have been asked to go to different countries to train or to minister, as we do not charge and have no intention of ever doing so, it is obvious that the cost in travelling exceeds our income 🙂 We will however go wherever the Lord leads us to go. It is our belief that our Lord is very capable of raising ministry teams everywhere in the world to cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead. He trained us right where we are; we believe He can and is doing this all over the world. The body of Christ should be working together in unity everywhere, yes, different parts do different things but God is everywhere. In short, we will train people in ministry, we will do ministry, we will do whatever the Lord calls us to do, we will not charge and we will do all things with love, voluntarily, we request that those seeking ministry and those seeking training understand and respect this.

Please read

The End Times Mind control is far more rife than most are aware, what I mean is many people are actively fragmenting and programming others for their own pleasure. We were very shocked to find within the first month of discovering all this how very common it is and how widely known. At the beginning of our training we asked the Lord to reveal to us if people were being fragmented and programmed by other people deliberately or if it was an “American thing” where the Illuminati seems so very commonplace. We were shocked when very early in the piece we had a encounter with a “professional programmer” from over east in Australia. Just a simple (supposedly) guy, an older guy (60’s), who was very well versed in all the Mind Control jargon. This man wanted us, the simple little deliverance ministry we appeared to be, to deliver a woman he was keen to “be with” of her demons. He was very quick to tell us she also had multiple personalities, which she was unaware of. To cut a long story short, it turned out he needed us to deliver the demons from her because they were standing in the way of him reprogramming her Alters to serve him. The demons were internal programmers, she had been fragmented and programmed long before he met her, his issue was the demons weren’t “helping him”, their plan was different to his so he needed them gone to access her Alters and reprogram her. He had assured her if she was a good girl and went through the deliverance then he would reward her by taking the family to America, where he would be able to have her properly programmed to his tastes, with all the demons he preferred to work with layered in.

We recently met another woman who was being slowly but surely programmed by a guy in Australia over the internet via private web cam and chat. She was due to go to him when she called us. You can search the web and find very effective ways to begin programming, but you needn’t go to the trouble: Mind control programs are in every school, many churches, workplaces etc. I checked in with a local school and heard the teacher instructing a class of 8yr olds to switch from one Alter to another, in most classes they are doing guided meditation as relaxation techniques from kindergarten up. In a school here in WA the yr 12 students were instructed to disassociate, go into an internal room, they were taught to “build coloured rooms” in their minds to retreat into when necessary for different reasons, they were being taught to self program! These are not isolated incidents.

We have had people come through who were in boarding schools growing up or a part of the stolen generation, these people were professionally mind controlled, in those orphanages and schools. We need to wake up, snap out of the stupor the world has been cleverly lulled into. It will take very courageous warriors of God’s own to pull people out of the captivity we find ourselves in.

If you have seen that this is happening to people around you, please do not rush in to handle it, already we have been teaching this in our own area and despite our warnings people have rushed in to “deliver” or “deal” with the Alters. The people on the receiving end did not finish up well, one of which ended in the mental institution having her brain electrocuted. We are strongly warning with this information that you must understand what it all is before you try to “rescue” people. Alters are not demons, they cannot be delivered from a person, and certainly should not be meddled with as an “experiment” or for fun. Some Alters are trained (very well) to “destroy the body”; in other words commit suicide if they perceive that the program is being “hacked”. Some front Alters are trained to just watch and guard against any other Alters actually breaking program and getting help. Back Alters can be triggered forward to suicide the body by a demon that sees the “system” or program in danger of being exposed. Satan has always tried to remain hidden, this plan to control humans is no “sudden plan”, it is very well thought out and administered on an unsuspecting world over a very long period of time, so please do not think that it can be handled rashly. Alters are not demons you cannot command them to cease activity as you can a demon, demons are subject to us in Jesus name, Alters are not, they each have a free will and are not subject to Jesus name, so if one is triggered and their job is to commit suicide they will stop at nothing to do their job. We are speaking from experience, we have never had any complete the mission to suicide, but during training (which the Holy Spirit was in lead of, not us) we had some very dodgy moments. The “lone minister” who decided with no training nor understanding to bring an Alter forward from the back ended by putting the girl he was “ministering” to in the mental ward, he simply couldn’t shut down that Alter. Unless the Holy Spirit is leading you through this type of ministry and/or is training you in this type of ministry DO NOT attempt to work with Alters.


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