Exorcism & Deliverance

Exorcism and Deliverance are the exact same thing. Exorcism is the word the Catholic’s have used and made famous for the act of casting out demons. Deliverance means exactly the same thing here. Christian churches have used the term Deliverance over Exorcism for whatever reason, but they do mean the same thing.

We are going to cover here what deliverance entails, what happens and how we do it at Set Right, we will also talk about how to recognise if you have a demon yourself and then the steps to take to get rid of said demon. I want to point out here that deliverance is not all  Set Right is about, we have seen many great acts of God; one raised from the dead, healings, fulfilled prophecies and so forth, but for now, we are going to cover completely the deliverance side of our work.

How to recognise if you have demons:

Demons are spirits, commonly known as evil spirits. There are different ranks, somewhat similar to the types of ranks we have in our Military. Spirits are Pneuma (Greek) meaning ‘air, breath or wind”. They can go completely unseen, yet there are many people who can sense them. Have you ever walked through a cold spot that made all the hairs on the arms stand up on end? You probably sensed a demon in the room. We’ll discuss external demons later, and how to rid them out of houses etc…

Demons are not fallen angels. They are much lower ranked than Fallen angels. Demons need to be in a human to act out their nature. Their nature depends on what demon you are dealing with. Each demon has it’s own personality, thinking, will, emotions etc, just like a human but without body. They are evil, they have no good side to them. We are able to be both good and evil, demons are just evil, there is no good in them. They talk. It is by their talking they can do a lot of work in you, this is one way they can gain entry. They can also be hereditary.

Demons drive and compel you to do and say things you really don’t want to do and say. They form a ‘stronghold’ or their own fort of belief systems in you, this can be anything from self hate to murder. You believe what they say, they gain entry, then before you know it you are driven and plagued by thoughts you would otherwise not have had.

Depression is a common low ranking demon. I’ll use him as my example. Say you have a bad day, your mum was always prone to depression and you yourself always had a tendency to become ‘down’. This bad day you are plagued with constant thoughts like “I really shouldn’t have even got up this morning”, you believe that. Fair enough too, it’s been a rubbish day. Then the thoughts progress as the day goes on, “I should never have been born, I can’t take any more of this, no wonder mum stayed in bed!”, your emotions start taking the brunt as well as your mind, the night doesn’t get any better you go to bed feeling the weight of the day. When the alarm sounds in the morning you decide things aren’t going to be any better and to stay in the bed…
Depression is in, nice and cosy and quickly gets to work on allowing in his mates (self hatred, self harm and most likely suicide). Many of us know how suicide talks. And these things do talk. Psychologists and the Psychs of all different breeds could call this schizophrenia (another demon we have met often and evicted). The lower ranking demons usually come in nests and like to open doors in people for bigger nastier characters. Gone unchecked you will find multiple nests and the bigger nastier demons who rule over them (We intend to put up what we call ‘hit lists’ of all the ‘nest type demons’).

Demons act out in their nature, this strengthens them. You will find that if prone to depression, each time you have a cycle of depression it is stronger and harder to shake than the last. Dr will medicate, the medication will have to increase as the depression cycles comes  back around from one time to the next. Medication doesn’t get rid of it, it just silences it till the next time this particular demon is acting out. The end result, if the demon can have it’s way is to cause the victim to suicide, or short of that, be completely wiped out on medication if not locked up in a mental hospital. Demons come to rob, kill and destroy. The longer they can torment the person the better. The alternative is to return as a failure to hell, which they will not do willingly, or to find a new person, which is only a last resort when the person dies and is hopefully thrown into hell himself… I say this not to scare, it is the demons’ job to make sure the life is miserable and eternity is hell. And I will state here Christians can and do have demons.  The aim for the demons is to destroy the faith and have the Christian wind up in Hell to be further tormented.

Demons are able to cause ‘blank spots’, being in this line of work we have met many people who have experienced ‘losing time’ black outs’ and ‘blanks’ in the memories.

People simply cannot remember getting that mad, or what they said, or why they did what they did. This is indicative of demon behaviour. Relax, turns out your not going crazy, you have a demon. Some may argue that they only have these things occur after a few drinks or while on drugs or medication. Well, begs the question; “what drove you to be drinking heavy, to be on drugs or gave you the need to be on medication in the first place?” Addiction? Anger? Depression? Were you just feeling compelled? Exactly my point.

So, do you do things you hate?, Say things you wish you hadn’t? behave in a manner you can’t seem to control? Or your mind doesn’t stop with past painful memories and self accusation? I would dare say you have a hitch hiker demon. (and no doubt his ugly buddies)

As stated earlier, demons can also be hereditary. For more answers on what demons are and how they get in, please contact us. We have much teaching on this topic, this is just a brief overview to recognise if you have demons.

Note: Most mental and physical illnesses, sicknesses and disease are caused by demons and will be healed when the demon causing the ailment is cast out. We have seen someone raised from dead with a broken neck and completely restored to life and healed within an hour of the death. There are members with the gift of healing on the team also.

What deliverance looks like at  Set Right

Ok, so lets assume you have a demon or two, and you want to know now what happens in deliverance, if you can handle it. We’ll take you through what we do, but please be sure to read through some of the stories before you decide to come along, and also read through the ‘pre deliverance’ notes. I would also recommend coming along to an open night or group to get a full understanding on what goes down.

We always have a team of at least 5 with each person receiving deliverance, we are not catholic, we don’t strap people in chairs or ties them to beds (as movies portray). Demons are really horrible beings, I once heard it described like this; “when a demon is seen in a person it’s reaction can be like that of a criminal caught stealing a car, taking no care of the car itself the goal is to get away or destroy the vehicle.” We have found this to be very true. Demons can and do try some horrific things to escape, remember though they come to rob, kill and destroy, when they are suddenly sprung, they will attempt to quickly finish the job they came to do, destroy or kill. This is why we have at least 5 people to each person being delivered. This I guess is why the catholic’s in movies do strap down, they usually have the one priest, and certainly one person cannot restrain a demon. Without the authority of Jesus Christ 10 men can’t restrain a demon (see Acts 19:16). These men were 9 in total, one demon beat them, stripped them and tossed them in the street, for their attempt to cast it out without Jesus.. ONE demon against 9 men. They are supernaturally strong, we don’t want to be hurt and we certainly don’t want you to be hurt. So we take precautions.

You must be prepared to see scary stuff, supernatural stuff. Demons are not human, and are not bound by the gravitation laws as we are. As stated, they are supernaturally strong and can move bodies, etc, without any effort. Therefore we warn of this before, we normally would start by explaining what can happen before we begin deliverance. We strongly urge people to bring along their partner or a support person, best mate.

Ideally we would like to meet before you book for deliverance. This way we can then chat and find out what we are dealing with, and you get an understanding of what will happen. If the situation is more desperate, and you are not able to stop the demons in you then we will help immediately. We have and do get called out for deliverance in emergency cases, like, someone is attempting suicide or acting in ways that are obviously not themselves and cannot be calmed etc., people who have “flipped” , or “lost the plot” as they say. We will take emergency cases.

Back to a normal night of deliverance…
You now know you will have a team allocated to you. We may not need at any time to restrain, in which case the team will be there close but certainly not ‘hands on’ as we say. One of the team members will lead, they will first ask you questions to find out which demon/s we are dealing with, once this is realised they will start to evict the nests, the lower ranking demons.

These lower ranking demons, or the nest, generally leave without too much of a fuss. They are air, breath or wind and tend to leave through the mouth or eyes most commonly. Through the mouth they have left by coughing, sighing and  yawning, burping is also very common. Through the eyes can feel a little weird but certainly causes no discomfort to the person receiving deliverance.

During this time, the other team members will be also telling stuff to leave, some team members may see in the spirit and be informing the team leader of what they are seeing, others may be singing or reading scriptures. The demons hate to hear us do these things and we love to torment them with it, they have caused you great upset in your life and this is like pay back from us. Casting out demons can only be done due to the authority Jesus won by dying and raising again, we like to remind the demons who is the boss, by praising and reading His word. It bugs the demons no end and builds strength in us. We are working always with angels and they too join in holding demons bound and inflicting some overdue payback. Angels are heavenly hosts after all, and made to fight in this war. They too enjoy the work, to the glory of God. Jesus said  “If by the finger of God I cast out devils then surely the kingdom of heaven is upon you” What happens is we ask God to put his finger on the demon, point it out, expose it, angels from the kingdom of heaven come and join us in casting them out. We command them out, there can be a wrestling match, but the demon is cast out and dragged off to it’s punishment by angels. We have seen angels in the room before working with us. It is essential we remember the angels will only come if what we are doing is by the authority and to the glory of Jesus Christ, they work with us, we can ask them to do certain things like we would ask each other, but we do not worship them. We treat them with the same respect and love we do each member of the team. God is ultimately in control, not us nor the angels, we are all His servants and workers. We work together, us in the physical them in the spiritual.

Normally, the first session of deliverance can clean out much of the nests of higher ranking demons. God is in control, sometimes the person coming for deliverance will attend a couple of times before anything ‘supernatural’ happens to them personally. We believe this is because God first needs to prepare them and remove the fear factor. Once they know what to expect and are confident everything will be ok, then we find there can be an obvious ‘manifestation’ of the demonic.

Demons like to hide, they don’t want to be cast out and try everything to avoid it, we have had people fall asleep, be sick, have headaches, experience sudden panic, etc and so forth, anything to avoid the person actually getting to deliverance.  Be prepared for anything in an attempt to stop you from getting here, even sudden arguments from family and friends is common. People accusing you of turning “religious”. To this we would answer; “no, just going to get some more control of my life” deliverance is essential for everyone, especially those who have found no release through counselling, medication etc.  God is not religion, He is a loving Father who wants the best for you, and a relationship where He can give you all He designed you for. Demons are there to destroy your chance at freedom and happiness and lock you into misery.
Jesus came to set the captives free, demons are there to lock you into misery and pain…

Supernatural happenings in deliverance can and do occur. Demons regularly become very violent when being cast out, this is why we have team members around to assist. We have seen this regularly, the people change but the demons are the same. We know it is not the person reacting but the demon, and we know enough of the demons to recognise them when they are here. We may never have met you, but the likelihood is we have met the demon before. I suppose you could say it’s a little like recognising personalities, people who follow star signs recognise what star sign the person is because of the characteristics of the person. We recognise the demons by the characteristics.

When/if the demon ‘comes to the surface’ and becomes violent we will restrain it from harming the person or team members, we will have a person on each hand, one on the legs, and a person at the person’s head; to hold the head still as demons tend to thrash around. This will all be demonstrated to you before we begin so you understand what can happen. Sometimes people are aware that something has taken over and can hear and feel everything happening, they describe it as like being in a comma, aware but unable to speak and move etc. As a demon takes over it will speak and move with your body, sometimes attempting to contort to damage it, this is one reason we hold, to lessen the demons ability to move. When the demons try to back down and hide, or become tired themselves they’ll allow the person to come up, to try to get rest and regain strength. The persons that have this happening usually don’t remember at all any of what has happened and testify that they remember talking to the team and the next thing they are starring up at everyone from the mat on the floor being held. Others still can be completely aware and able to function with the demon manifesting, often answering as the demon speaks because they can hear the demon answering in their head, in these cases the demon will occasionally take over but for the most part the person themselves is in control.

Once the demon is seen and manifesting we will then cast it out. Most often a demon manifesting will fight or at least argue. They are there because they have permission one way or another, either by hereditary or behaviours, etc, you have unknowingly given it a legal right to be there. These legal rights need to be broken. We will do that as we go, we generally find we have to wear them down. This can be done by a large part in counselling prior to deliverance, but can also be done in deliverance. Eventually the demon becomes weak, broken and knows it has no grounds to stay, then they leave. Sometimes when casting out demons in emergency cases it has taken a full night from 7pm-7am to win the battle and the demon be dragged to receive it’s punishment. At times we have removed them in 15mins. It really depends on the person and the situation.

We will sometimes interrogate the demons manifesting, this is not because we enjoy talking to demons but more as a wearing down tactic. The aim from start to finish is to be rid of it, but demons being stubborn need to be worn out, they can rest otherwise and then the fight starts again, we interrogate and keep it on the run to avoid it going and resting.

Whilst we are interrogating (if it won’t just leave) we will have it dob in all the others there so we know who and what we are dealing with. We will get all the legal rights of the others etc. This is why we have the 5th team member, to note all what is happening, this is done on paper, not via video etc unless requested by the person. Often people like a full account of what the demons said and did throughout the evening, and the damage they have done in the life so they know which areas the demons have attacked. They do plan and scheme even with demons in other people to cause both parties hurt etc. People can have a very clear understanding as to why they fight with certain people, why they have ‘love-hate’ relationships. Demons often brag about the damage they have done, and also the ‘assignments’ they are given over the person they are in. So we like to document everything so the person receiving deliverance understands and knows the full extent of what the demon was there for, how it got in, the areas it used in the persons life, the behaviours it produced, and what it’s ultimate plan was for the person. This way when this demon tries to re enter the person should easily recognise it.

We will not cast out all the demons present in one night. There are scriptures to say not to do this. Demons will attempt to re-enter, if you are fighting to keep out a few higher ranking ones at a time it is difficult, but fighting 10-20 in one go is near impossible; (note however nothing is impossible with God) we will do as the spirit of God leads us. Generally the Spirit knows what the person can cope with at one time, so we leave that up to him…

Once we have finished for the evening, we will pray to bind whatever is left, and for protection for the person, we fill them with God’s spirits, ie. Love, peace etc and then ‘clean the room’ by praying for the angels to clear out all the ‘floating’ demons that were cast out and are perhaps lingering. We will probably need more than one session of deliverance, this will be organised within the next few following days. It is a process that once started needs to be continued regularly till completed.

For more information on a night of deliverance we recommend coming along to an open night or a group to meet the team and ask all the questions you want to ask, or to be a witness at a open deliverance session at an open night. We do not always do these but they are scheduled from time to time, please contact us for more information.

Also, we are very keen to train new team members or whole teams, if you are interested or are a part of a church that have several interested people please contact us, we are happy to train and equip teams in deliverance.

Can anyone have deliverance?

Yes. The fact is anyone can have demons cast out, the question is can everyone who has had deliverance keep the demon out? The answer to that is, no.  We recommend that before going through deliverance that you understand exactly how that demon behaves, it’s characteristics and the ways it influences you. If you don’t understand all of this the likelihood is it will return. When it returns it will enter with seven more wicked (see Luke 11:24-26). We have seen the outcome of this and it is ugly. And painful for the person involved. Therefore we insist that those coming for deliverance firstly be desperate for the change, for the deliverance to happen. And be willing to see deliverance and counselling through until they are free. We will follow up with people who have come through deliverance and hopefully see them also working in a ministry, be it deliverance, healing, evangelism, pastoral, teaching or prophetic. We find that as people proceed through deliverance God makes it clear where He wants that life to serve. It will always be in the area the persons themselves love! Coming for deliverance through Set Right does not bind you in any way to Set Right, but it will build you closer to God, and He will direct you in where He wants you to go. We are very willing to help you get there and support you in it.

Does everyone getting deliverance have to be a Christian?

No. we have had many people who were not Christians come for deliverance or to support a loved one go through deliverance. Generally, through the process they will come to know God. We cannot do deliverance without God, demons will not leave unless by the authority of Jesus Christ, and in His name we cast them out. Jesus is centre in what we do. People who do not believe in Jesus and have come to support someone in deliverance and seen the supernatural power He has, immediately believed. It is impossible to deny Jesus when viewing deliverance. You may come in an unbeliever, but you will very likely leave a believer. Through witnessing deliverance many people became believers in the new testament, things have not changed. Many Christians believe Christians cannot have demons themselves because Christ is in them. To this we point those Christians to the scriptures, many of the demons Jesus cast out were cast out of people who believed He had the power to do so…. “Christians”. Many  of the demons Jesus cast out were cast out of people in the synagogues listening to Him teach… they were believers, in the church! We are all in the same boat, Christians and unbelievers, we can and do all have demons.

Can we get demons or evil spirits out of buildings

Yes. We have done quite a few cleansing of buildings, whether it be an office space or a home it makes no difference. Demons are very territorial, when a person passes away it is possible for the demon/s that lived in that person to stay in the home the person lived. It is not the person themselves. Demons have a hierarchy system, we look at it like this; demons in individuals, over families, over suburbs, over cities and over countries. This could answer why different suburbs have a different ’feel’, it depends who rules. Looking at Australia we have different ruling demons over each city, we are in Perth WA, here we are ruled by apathy, lethargy.. Good ole WA, “wait awhile” everyone knows it, they just don’t recognise what it is, the ruling Demon here will have all those in it’s nest and more. Demons in buildings can be cleaned out, demons over suburbs and so on need constant warfare to shut them down.

Demons are the same in a body and out a body, still subject to those with authority in Christ, we can cast them out just the same as in a person. The procedure we use is a little different but the result is the same: demon gone.

What if the demon was sent from a curse or spell can it still be cast away?

Yes, definitely. You would be surprised how many of us are cursed. It is far more common than most people realise. During deliverance we will break all curses over you. Spells and incantations are also broken. Hexes, vexes and any and all magic can be broken in Jesus name.

Can witches and warlocks get demons cast out if they summoned them in the first place?

Yes. Even Satanists can be delivered, but like everyone who comes for deliverance they need to be sincerely seeking the help to be free. Anyone can be delivered, they only need ask. We will work the exact same way with every person who comes sincerely asking for deliverance. If you are, or know of someone who is a witch or warlock who is seeking to be free please send them our way, we are not about condemning people we are about seeing them set free. Demons don’t care if your are Christian, non Christian, Satanist, Muslim or Atheist, they are here to rob, kill and destroy. We are here to do as Jesus commanded us, cast out demons, heal the sick and preach the gospel. The Bible says we are to do this for ‘every creature’, we don’t discriminate.

Can children have demons?

Yes. And they also can be delivered. The youngest child we have done deliverance on here is two years. From birth we are affected, so from birth we can receive deliverance. The procedure is of course different for infants, but the result is the same, demon gone, and healing follows. We would like to point out here that things like ADD, ADHD and many other diagnosed disorders have been cast out of people and children and complete healing has happened. No more ADD or disorder was found present. Just like in the new testament when Jesus and the disciples cast out demons of deafness, blindness and so on, and the people were healed, people are healed of disorders and disabilities today. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He still works healings and miracles. He does them through us, His body.

Is there anything that Jesus can’t do?

No! :)

We welcome any questions and are willing to meet with any person who believes they may need exorcism or would like to know more on the topic. We will not engage in doctrinal arguments, or conversations to convince us that demons don’t exist, or debates on religion.

If you are interested in having Set Right train up a team in deliverance we would be happy to meet with you for this to be arranged. Alternatively, we welcome any individuals who are interested in joining one of our deliverance teams, and are happy to train said individuals on the job.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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