Parasha #2


 Parashah 02#: Noach (Noah)

(Genesis 6:9 – 11:32)

Additional Readings:
Isa. 54:1-55:5; Mat. 24:36-44; Luk. 17:26-37; Act. 2:1-16; 1 Pet. 3:18-22; 2 Pet. 2:5

 Previous Parashah recap In last week’s Parasha B’resheet, we saw the generations or histories of the heavens and earth. This week’s Parasha, or Torah portion, is named Noach, Noah in English, meaning Rest and speaks about the generations or bloodline of Noah.

  • Gen. 6:9 starts going into the bloodline/history of Noah. It says Noah was perfect/righteous in his GENERATION; it doesn’t say he was perfect in his ways. This means that Noah’s bloodline was perfect and clean. We see in Gen. 6:4 that the Nephilim were on the earth in those days; Nephilim are a corrupted bloodline coming from angels having children with humans. So Noah had a pure and uncorrupted bloodline which is why God saved him and his family.

  • Noah walked with God – there are only 3 instances in the entire bible where it speaks about people walking with God; one is described with Adam (Gen 3:8), and two where it is written plainly Noah (Gen 6:9) and Enoch (Gen 5:24). Or so I thought for the NT says something different about these instances. We read in Hebrews 11:5 that “he was well pleasing to God”, and interestingly it’s what the LXX and AP say in both accounts! So one person, Adam, walked with God, these 2 were well pleasing to God, all the other instances speak of people walking before God which as we check the LXX means to be well-pleasing too! So to walk with or before God actually means to try to be well-pleasing to the Lord, which is different than to be perfect (Gen. 6:10) or blameless (Gen. 17:1). So we can already see the difference between righteousness, that is to trust God and that makes the person well-pleasing to God, and holiness, that is to walk blameless, perfect in following the Lord’s instructions.

  • Gen. 6:11 says the EARTH was corrupt; not all of mankind, but rather all flesh had corrupted God’s way upon the Earth which is why He decided to destroy everything. We see that not only were men a problem, but also the animals; why? If we look at the old cultures of places like Assyria (Ashur), Nineveh, Egypt, Babylon, Greece etc. we see depictions of creatures that were part animal and part human, or even parts of different animals put together. We need to consider this as we know that God does everything for a good reason. It’s likely that even the animals had been tampered with in some way, therefore becoming more than just unclean and impure, but corrupt.

  • By faith Noah built the ark even despite any setbacks he might have encountered. This is why he was a righteous man, because he did what God told him to do. We also must do the same and faithfully obey God in order to be seen as righteous.

  • Gen. 6:19 tells us that 2 of every kind of animal would be brought into the ark. However, later in Gen. 7:2-3 it says seven pairs of clean animals and one pair of unclean animals would be brought into the ark. Many people seem to miss this part of the scripture, which is why we often only think of one pair of each animal being present on the ark when in actual fact there would have been far more than that. This comes from a mistranslation of that verse 19, it should be read that Noah was asked to bring pairs in the ark, and they were to be male and female.

  • Gen. 7:20 – the amount of water from the flood was so much that even the highest mountains were covered by an extra 7 meters. If we calculate the amount of water on the earth today, it would not be enough to create the flood that took place. This said it is possible that the mountains were not as high as what they are today.

  • Gen. 7:11 – it says the fountains of the great deep were broken, the windows of heaven were open and all the water poured out.

Job 38:8-16 mentions the boundaries/gates being broken and the water gushing forth like from a womb. It also speaks of a time where the wicked were destroyed by the sea coming out of its place – the flood.

  • Job 38:9‘fog/thick darkness’ is ‘Arafel’ in Hebrew. Arafel is a difficult word to research, but it can mean a darkness which is moving, and it seemingly looks like something that drips. It was seen from the earth and was looking like a band (swaddling band). As a side note, we know that some of the planets in the solar system have bands/rings made of dust and ice. It’s possible that there were once ice rings around the earth, which also would match some scientific research.

Clearly there was water both on and above the earth (Gen. 1:6-7) for which we saw that it would have been an extra layer of atmosphere, an hydrosphere, but was it that only? This would not be described as a swaddling band or midst (AP, LXX).  If the band that God broke was an ice ring that would have brought an added big amount of water down on the earth. Nowadays there is no ice ring around the earth, but if there was one that was broken, you could imagine that would have changed the atmosphere. People used to live up to 800-900 years old, and now our lifespan is 120 years (Gen. 6:3); could this have anything to do with a dramatic change due to the coming down of what was in the heavens onto the earth? Also that would explain why there is some water called heavy water which comes from outer space compare to normal water (for every 5 parts of water there is one part heavy water).

  • When Noah decided to trust in the Lord and do as he was asked, that condemned the world. When someone follows what God has commanded it brings condemnation to all the people who do not follow God’s instructions (Heb. 11:7). When we trust in God we become righteous, and therefore we bring to light unrighteousness and wickedness in the world; Just as when Jesus came, He brought condemnation into the world because of His holiness and righteousness. And like Noah, those who are walking in trust and doing what the Lord commands, will be taken into safety in the times of tribulation. As Christians we must fear the Lord and move in obedience to Him even whilst living in a world seeped in corruption; where the people are like those in the days of Noah; very few follow God’s instructions.

  • Noah in Hebrew means ‘comfort/rest’ – he was named this before anyone even knew about the flood. Each name mentioned, has a history through which we can see a prophecy unfolding; Enoch is from the Hebrew “chanack” which signifies to instruct, to initiate, to dedicate, to discipline. From his subsequent conduct we are authorised to believe he was early instructed in the things of God, initiated into the worship of his Maker, and dedicated to his service. Then came Mathuselah, whose name means “man of the dart”, or a better rendition would be “when he dies there shall be an emission”, or sending forth of waters upon the earth, to destroy it; the flood came only after Mathuselah’s death. Then we have Noah as part of it, whose name meant “rest”. If we want to enter God’s rest, we have to follow in his footsteps.

  • Through Noah it was prophesied that the curses of old would be broken.

Gen. 3:14-19 – The ground was cursed and suddenly a commandment was put on Adam; that he would only eat the field plants. Through Noah that curse was broken (Gen. 8:21-22). It was lifted after the flood (Gen. 9:3). When the curse of the ground was broken, so was the command given to eat only plants. Noah was told he could then eat all food (with the exception of blood). In line with that we read that this change in diet was not only for man, for carnivores appeared then. Things changed so drastically that meat was now needed for survival (so much for vegan and other types of diets). And that is why we read that God put the fear of man in all the animals. So if we walk rightly we shouldn’t be attacked by any beast.

  • Mat. 24 tells us that like in the days of Noah, so shall it be again – We need to be looking forward to a time like mentioned in Isaiah 65:18-20. After the coming of Jesus, that’s what will happen; all curses of old will be broken.

  • As a side note, concerning demons when they are sent to arid places; arid means without blood/life; meaning they will not be in the land of the living (inhabiting a person).

  • I’ve found the start of Genesis 8, especially verses 1-2, very interesting when correlated with 1 Enoch 18:1-4. We read here that all the flood-gates, fountains of the deep and rain were stopped due to a wind, which can be translated also spirit. 1 Enoch 18:1-4 reads as follow:

  • 1 And I saw the storerooms of the the winds and saw how with them He has embroidered all creation as well of the foundations of the earth. 2 I saw the cornerstone of the earth; I saw the four winds which bear the earth as well as the firmament of heaven. 3 I saw how the winds stretch out the heights of heaven and stand between heaven and hearth: 4 these are the very pillars of heaven. I saw the winds which turn the heaven and cause the ball of the sun and all the stars to set.

  • This to me speaks of a type of wind or current, being everywhere and by which all things are set in motions or stilled. This is what used to be referred to as “ether” and is now called plasma: the major force that permeates all of creation and keeps it together.

  • Read Chapter 9 as it is full of instructions from the Lord.

  • To seal the covenant being made with Noah, God gave a sign in the form of a rainbow. For each covenant (8 in total) there is a sign. Here are 4:

    1. Noah – Rainbow. Based upon trust in the lord. It’s interesting to note that this covenant is not only for man, but for all flesh.

    2. Abraham – circumcision on 8th day

    3. Moses – keeping the Sabbath

    4. Jesus – love which is a sign of the Torah being written in the hearts of the disciples.

  • The covenant of Abraham was circumcision, yet Moses was also instructed to have all the males of Israel circumcised. This means that the covenant of Abraham still stood even though God had made a new covenant with Moses. Another covenant was also established when Jesus came, but again, the previous covenants were not done away with. The signs of each covenant are still present, however, we now observe them in a spiritual way rather than a physical way; like in the case of circumcision (Rom. 2:25-29; Deu. 30:6). Each covenant still stands and is built upon, not removed. Jesus came to complete the law, and in him we have all the covenants fulfilled/completed. We must aim to be Christ-like and complete each of those covenants within ourselves in the light of the law of life that Jesus brought in.

  • John 13:35 – Having love for one another is the sign of being in Christ, as one of His disciples. Love is not only all the things spoken about in 1 Cor. 13:4-10; but it also includes rebuking, correcting, discipline etc. (Heb. 12:16)

  • Noah was found drunk and naked by his son Ham who then went and told his brothers. By doing this he dishonoured his father and therefore got cursed as well as all his descendants. The Torah says if we honour our parents we will be blessed with a long life (Exo. 20:12). Shem and Japheth were blessed for their action in the matter whilst Ham was cursed. If you take note of Ham’s descendants you will see that those names come up time and time again as ones who are cursed and will stand against Israel. One of them being the Philistines (Palestinians). Out of Ham came Nimrod, the son of Cush who is described as one who became a giant/Nephilim in the LXX (Gen. 10:8). He also encouraged the people to build the tower of babel. Through him Nineveh was built up (and the people of Nineveh came from Ham). Jesus came to break all curses for whomever chooses to follow and obey him. So there is still hope for such people no matter what curses may be upon them

  • Then we have the list of all the descendants of the 3 sons of Noah, 72 in total according to the LXX, each one of them being a nation in its own right with a designated territory to live in and a god (lesser elohim) to watch after him (Deu. 32:8 LXX). So 72 main lesser gods (fallen angels) or principalities and after their enforcers (powers), then the demonic hosts and the dead (Eph. 6:12).

    [Since the number of nations changed along man’s history it’s not too farfetched to think that some very wicked ones could have been elevated by Satan to take a higher role in this order of things.]

  • Gen. 11:4 – The tower of Babel was created, it didn’t happen by itself. First it started with the (re)discovery on how to make bricks, then how to fix them together and then fear hit that they could lose all that knowledge by being scattered. So the people decided that if they made a name for themselves and become like gods they’d survived through living a legacy. We see a similar thing happening even in the churches today; pastors who do things to make a name for themselves rather than to glorify God.

  • When God saw what the people were doing, he did to them the very thing they were afraid of in the first place; he scattered them all over the earth. When we do something in rebellion to God and His will, He will bring upon us the exact thing we feared the most. There are many examples of this throughout the bible.

  • One interesting thing to note is that more than just confusion of language and scattering of people happened there (Gen. 10:25). When we read in the chapter 10 of the different generations on the posterity of Noah we see them being divided by languages, nations and places to live in islands. All this points to the fall of Babel, or Babylon (2 names for the same thing), which was prophesied through the birth of Peleg. The earth became divided, but not only in languages, literally divided to get the islands that we call nowadays continents, they came through the fall of Babel! The LXX states that they were all of one lip, which means as much one language as one shore (one big continent).

  • Nevertheless, even in their ungodliness these people had something going for them; unity (Gen. 11:6). As the body of Christ we are called to be of one mind through one spirit (Php. 2:2). And when we are doing that, nothing we set out to accomplish will be impossible for us.

  • Psalm 133 is the essence of being in unity. David said in Psalm 23 that his head would be anointed with oil from a cup overflowing – we are to have the Holy Spirit as an ointment that will overflow and move in power. Paul said the Spirit enabled him to preach with power (1 Cor. 2:4) – that power is the ointment/unction of the spirit upon our life and it brings everlasting life. Following the Lord is being in unity with Him, and the sign of that is to love one another and live in unity with each other. Disunity brings rebellion, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Sam. 15:23).

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